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Learn How Microsoft Windows Azure Enables Development Of Modern ASP.Net Solutions

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The frameworks, tools and development platforms are constantly evolving and emerging with the growing needs of the end customers. To build highly scalable applications you require high capability servers, high bandwidth network and a good infrastructure. This significantly adds to the cost of development activities. To overcome this significant challenge the simplest solution is to move the applications and their infrastructure to the Cloud. The organizations are now moving from their traditional on-premise and hosting environments to the emerging public and private cloud.

Windows Azure evelopment

The most popular cloud platform today is the Windows Azure offered by Microsoft. The Windows Azure Development enables the developers to build, deploy and manage applications using Microsoft managed data centers. Moreover, the application can be built using any language, platform or tool. But ASP.Net is emerging as the most popular framework that allows the developers to build dynamic web applications and websites. When the web applications are deployed in the Windows Azure data centers, the storage services are easily available and accessible from the application.

In this post, let’s learn how Windows Azure enables development of modern ASP.Net solutions for enterprises and organization of all sizes.

Support for .Net Framework 4.5

Developing an solution that will run on cloud has certain advantages. The application needs to be coded in a way that it can be scaled easily and after the web application is developed it should be published to the cloud. The additional support for .Net Framework 4.5 allows developers the freedom to use all kinds of features while developing the web application. But the most important feature that 4.5 offers the developers is the new asynchronous methods which enables them to easily build highly scalable and high-performing web applications with zero hassles that are normally associated with asynchronous programming.

Easy Availability of the Development Tools

The Microsoft developer centers offer all the required tools to the developers in one download who are willing to take advantage of it. The Microsoft Web Platform Installers installs the Windows Azure SDK for .Net that contains Windows Azure SDK, Azure Tools for Visual Studio and Windows Azure Client Libraries for .Net.

But the most important tool that developers require for developing ASP.Net solutions using Windows Azure is the Windows Azure Developer Emulator which enables development of cloud applications on local workstations. Also, the developers can experience a seamless integration with Visual Studio using this core tool.

Seamless Testing & Debugging of the Application

Once the developers have a thorough understanding of the emulator, roles and instances in Windows Azure then the development process is quite easy and hassle free. The service project consists of configuration files that configure the roles and number of instances that the hosted service will use in the datacenter. It also contains links to the Visual Studio project that contain the application. The Windows Azure service project enables the developers to seamlessly test and debug their application in the Windows Azure Developer Emulator using the standard “F5” debug experience.

The cloud service provides many capabilities that are unavailable with the traditional on premise hosting. Also, there are various advantages of Windows Azure that the developers can leverage to build highly scalable and secured web applications.

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