Microsoft’s Inclination Towards Open Source With ASP.NET vNext

Microsoft the tech giant who has a long history of highly successful proprietary products is now showing some inclination towards open source web development frameworks. .NET is Microsoft’s framework for web development and has been widely implemented with millions and millions of websites running on ASP.NET. Microsoft recently released the open source incarnation of .NET called the .NET vNext. This opens up new opportunities for development..
For systems running operating systems other than Microsoft, they had Mono to host ASP.NET. Keeping up with that, Microsoft plans to deploy .NET vNext on top of mono. It will not be independently released for OS X and Linux users, but will be ported to a new platform and then released initially to open source enthusiasts to work upon and then with aid from original creators will be released for general use at large.
Right now vNext to run on OS X and LINUX requires quite some tweaking and configuring. It’s a multi step process that first runs on Mono and then the process can be run on Microsoft's K Version Manager and K Runtime Environment tools. It’s not as user friendly as Microsoft’s installations generally are.
Microsoft has taken one great step towards open source and offers great features for developers with granular deployment of apps allowing each app to have it’s own sub edition of the .Net Framework. It also includes excellent optimizations for low memory and high throughput scenarios. Along with this, Microsoft also included cloud and server optimized versions of libraries.
Microsoft has selected to use the Apache 2.0 license for ASP.NET vNext. With this license, Dot Net Application development enthusiasts and professionals can use the open source code without also having to free up any proprietary enhancements it might make. Microsoft has made sure that this does not impact their business intelligence paid tools and server product licensing.
With this new release, it’s up to development and open source enthusiasts to build upon it and make it ready, robust and easy to deploy.
Let's wait and watch how much traction this new .NET development company and open source platform gets and how well it is received by the web development enthusiasts.

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