How to Do Mobile Analytics Implementation

It’s an age where leaving the success of your mobile app to luck is pure gamble. There has to be a way to assess its success (or failure) or gather data in order to check how it is fairing in the mobile market. Mobile Analytics is important from a business perspective. It provides businesses with insights into how their app is fairing gin the mobile apps market. With Mobile Analytics data you get to know how many downloads you app received, how many people are actually using it, which parts of the app are used more and which aren’t used at all and much more. All this data can be collated and used to prepare a customer focused marketing plan. This data is also useful on planning the mobile app development process. You can decide which features require development focus and which can be either left out or totally eliminated from the app. Well, it provides you with a great way to make your app as user oriented as possible.

The most popular Mobile Analytics tool is from Google. Another free tool for Mobile Analytics is Flurry. let’s check out how to implement Google Analytics as well as Flurry.

Steps to implement Google Analytics:-
  • libGoogleAnalyticsServices.jar included in your project's/libs directory and build path (
  • Sign up in Google Analytics account. (
  • Get tracking Id by selecting Mobile App. (Enter App name)
  • Update Menifest permissions of Project.

5. Add Easy tracker methods in activity you want to track
public void onStart() {super.onStart(); ... // The rest of your 
onStart()code.String SCREEN_NAME="Dashboard";
Tracker easyTracker = EasyTracker.getInstance(this);
easyTracker.set(Fields.SCREEN_NAME, SCREEN_NAME);
public void onStop() {super.onStop();... // The rest of your 
onStop() code. EasyTracker.getInstance(this).activityStop(this); // Add this method.
6. To track events
easyTracker.send(MapBuilder.createEvent("Merchant", // Event category (required)
MyMerchant.STR_MERCHANT_GROUP, // Event action (required)
MyMerchant.STR_MERCHANT_NAME, // Event label
null) // Event value
7. Create a file called analytics.xml in your project's res/values directory and add the following resources:
8. You can check statistics in Google analytics account.
Steps to implement Flurry Analytics:-
  • Sign Up flurry account. (
  • Select the platform of application.(Android/iPhone/Mobile sites)
  • Download Flurry SDK with lib FlurryAnalytics.jar included in your project's/libs directory and build path
  • Get Api Key by entering app name.
  • Update Menifest permissions
9. Add Easy tracker methods in activity you want to track
public void onStart()
FlurryAgent.logEvent("Login Event",true);// Your code
public void onStop()
FlurryAgent.onEndSession(this);//Your code
10. You can check statistics in flurry analytics account.

Mobile Analytics can greatly help your development and marketing efforts. These were a few steps to implement the most popular tools for mobile apps analysis. Analyze the data carefully and check how your mobile app is doing, make adjustments here and there, take the feedback to channelize your development and marketing efforts and see the app usage rise!

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