Brainers Built an Universally Accessible Platform to Treat Children on the Autism Spectrum

December 28, 2022 Dallas, USA

Children and teens with autism who have difficulty communicating via physical contact may feel more at ease in their own habitats. Using digital internet platforms for communication and social interaction may create a conducive setting for them, allowing for a comfortable and reasonably controllable degree of participation.

First, we need an evaluation to determine the best method for fostering skill development, motivation, and concentration before we can begin therapy. And to facilitate a smooth transition, we are adapting ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) techniques for behavioral management and deploying them through a digital platform for broader dissemination.

And to help such kids, our client has a startup business. They're receiving money from Business Finland. The firm is a staunch supporter of telemedicine and the idea of healthcare and technology going hand-in-hand to improve patient outcomes. So they contacted Brainvire to develop a web and mobile application to aid treatment plan adherence.

The organization is committed to helping people closest to persons with autism by providing them with guidance, training, and resources to improve the lives of those with the illness.

Thus, they're building a system to facilitate BIP drafting and lessen BCBA workload. Rural residents who lack access to such services for ASD would also benefit significantly from this.

Chintan Shah, CEO of Brainvire, explains why he is excited to be a part of this innovative endeavor: "We have previously built a parent-facing platform to aid children with autism; now, they want to develop a professional, enterprise-level version. Big NGOs/Company now registers on a platform and treats ASD youngsters with trained behavior analysts and psychologists. Also, we're allowing insurance coverage to pay for therapy."

We have already constructed the system to help parents thoroughly evaluate their autistic child's abilities and also identify any potential problem behaviors. However, to reach out to more relevant users, we needed to update the platform. 

Moving forward, this upgraded edition will have interfaces tailored to large corporations, BCBAs, psychologists, parents/guardians, clerks, and other professionals.

We are presenting Digital BIP (Behaviour Intervention Plan) Write in this professional edition for people on the autism spectrum. This is also the first time anything of this sort has ever been attempted.

First, we've allowed users to switch between various tasks on the site without leaving their current one. We have also built a state model in which the output is generated similarly depending on the input. Users were able to fine-tune their patients' treatment as a consequence.

Additionally, we have concentrated on incorporating various Behavioural Engineering evaluations since the majority of them do not exist in the digital world; for that reason, we have implemented assessment by referring to the preexisting manual evaluation. That reduced the need for manual labor while facilitating quick and simple usage.

Taking care of a kid with autism may never be simple, but it may become a breeze if the parents or carer knows what to do. The team at Brainvire is honored to have contributed to this historic milestone.

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