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About Client

Being in the healthcare industry since years, the client is a renowned supplier of consumer healthcare products, medical devices and pharmaceuticals. The company offers innovative ideas, products and services to improve health and well-being of the people across the globe.

Business Challenges

Client understands the difficulties of the doctors in keeping an up-to-date record of or managing all the information about their patients manually. Moreover, it’s also necessary for the patients opting for knee replacement surgery to take proper care of themselves pre and post-surgery. Hence, communicating all these things in detail can be a bit difficult for the doctors because of their busy schedules. The client opted to develop a mobile app for doctors that allows them to effortlessly and automatically manage information of their patients who are opting for a knee replacement surgery while also allowing the patients to easily access the complete information about the pre and post-surgery care right from their smart phones. One of the main factors of planning this app was to offer real-time web service for patient registration who wants to undergo surgery.


Brainvire developed an Android mobile application that gives the Total Knee Replacement (TKR) patients and their caregivers, the complete information on pre-surgery and post-surgery care. The application allows patients to register with a doctor and opt to go for surgery on the desired day and time. Depending on the surgery date, local notifications are displayed to the patient to perform the desired exercises on a daily basis and information is displayed about the special exercises to be done on particular days. The application is a complete repository of pre-operative and post-operative care information and precautions.


  • Triggering continuous local notifications to the patients about the exercises, diet and activities to be followed by them
  • Maintaining precession in user’s timestamp and triggering regular reminders to the patient based on their day and time of the surgery
  • Developing an appealing UI for the application that fits well into different screen resolutions
  • Patients can register for total knee replacement surgery right from their smart phones
  • Only registered patients/users can access complete information on diet, exercises and precautions to be taken for pre and post-operative care
  • Complete patient information management


  • A complete information repository for Total Knee Replacement (TKR) patients and their caregivers
  • Patients do not forget their daily exercise and diet regimes because of the regular notifications
  • Patients can access the pre and post-operative care information right from their devices
  • Patients can register themselves and only registered patients can access all the features of the app