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About Client

Our USA based client is a digital entrepreneur and strategist who has great experience in founding many startups that include an IT solution outsourcing company, investment firm and internet search portal. In the entrepreneurial journey, the client has worn many hats and delivered unique solutions from software to services that have fulfilled the needs of even fortune 500 companies.

Business Challenges

In the entrepreneurial journey, the client has analyzed that the resources across the corporate and in the enterprises have trouble in remembering the multiple passwords. They may have the user credentials for different devices that they have also kept in mind. The client wanted to revolutionize the way credentials are managed and saved with an online security solution that’s user-friendly and can be easily used by non-technical users. Finally, he turned to the Brainvire team to develop a most secured mobile application that store and protect the user’s valuable personal information and sync the same across all the devices.


The mobile app was developed that allows users to securely store, retrieve and share the username, passwords and other personal data on any device anytime, anywhere. When the app was installed on the device, whenever the user is going to login in any account, the app will automatically store the credentials in the database.


  • Unlimited number of usernames and passwords can be saved
  • All the credentials can be locked with a Master Password that user know
  • The sensitive data can be accessed anytime as app is synced with multiple devices
  • Help users to generate the unique password for any website with Password generator
  • Users’ online payment choices and the details are also saved for speedy checkout
  • Store personal info from identity data to the digital wallet data
  • The app automatically takes the online backups of the data
  • The data can be easily shared with family and friends in a secured way
  • Allow users to delete the data from the remote devices if lost
  • Automatically saves and fill the logins and forms while you browse
  • Passwords encryption with AES-256, the bank grade of security is offered
  • Offer the choice of selecting the global data center where the encrypted data can be stored
  • Provide optional pin code lock for additional security
  • Secure password sharing and management for sharing passwords with coworkers or family
  • Instant Login to your accounts using our secure in-app browser
  • Mobile and Tablet Compatibility with a single application build
  • Database Encryption at Local and Server Side
  • Secure SSL protection for data during sync between devices


The comprehensive application brought so many challenges on the top of the table that were gathering the data from different browsers, securely storing the confidential data in the database; collecting, storing and syncing the data between multiple devices; collecting, saving and then auto-fill the credit card or other information that user has saved; allowing the users to share the sensitive information with their friends for a limited time that will expire after a definite time interval. Our proficient team of experts resolved the myriad of challenges by securely storing the data in the database using cryptographic algorithms.


  • No hassle of managing and remembering so many passwords
  • Alleviate the stress of password or the device theft where passwords are stored
  • 2-step authentication makes the password and personal info access secured
  • Sharing the crucial data becomes a breeze
  • Online checkouts become faster
  • Users can get the access to the credentials anytime, anywhere