Mobile Apps Development Predictions For 2015

If 2014 saw the rapid rise of mobile apps for all purposes, 2015 will be the year where apps grow, evolve and are based on more advanced technologies that will serve more advanced purposes. With customer expectations and demands from mobile application development growing by the day, 2015 will be the year when these expectations will be addressed and more convenient apps that are built on advanced technologies will be built.

Specialized apps with better UX

Apps of today are looked upon as a “good to have” advanced technology option for businesses. They are an extra channel for businesses to promote and market their products and services. But with the advent of 2015, apps will be more specialized and will focus on a particular job or task. Mobiles will no longer be a set of apps that are installed. It will be a specialized set of tools that businesses can use. Creating a positive user experience will hence gain a lot of importance and mobile apps will have to be much more than pretty and interesting looking. They will have to provide one touch functionalities to provide various functions and be more intuitive.

Cloud Services For Apps
Users will own multiple mobile devices and wearables that are smart and apps integration across various devices and platforms. The apps should have the ability to be installed and operate on multiple devices at a time. This expectation of seamless integration will require businesses to take a cloud services approach and offer users with the ability to move between official and personal data to be saved at different places. The overall desktop and laptop environment in businesses will slowly fade.

Focus on real world apps that offer convenience
Real world applications like the ionic web framework will gain a lot of importance. Applications that serve some specific purpose – like placing restaurant orders for delivery to your door step and such other ecommerce apps. Going further on this concept, a one touch ordering system will have to evolve if convenience is the aim. Setting shopping preferences in apps will enable you to “quick shop” items that you order on a daily basis. You can even order this anytime, anywhere!

Security will need to be tightened

Since the feature expectations from apps are rising, apps security features will have to be upgraded too. iPhone Mobile application developers will have to focus on the security aspects of building apps around diverse platforms and devices including wearables. Even users who generally hesitate to provide credit card details should feel safe using mobile apps to make a purchase. Building safer and more secure apps will be the focus of 2015.

Data Analysis from apps will empower decisions

Tracking and creating adequate data for analysis will be a clear expectation in 2015. Enabling tracking of app performance and other important measurable will help decision making for businesses. Mobile apps develpers will focus more on adding app insights, actionables and takeaways.
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