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Mobile App Development

About Product

This application is a unique reporting tool for broadcasting interactive stock experiences and analysis with graphical representation in mobiles devices.

Business Challenges

The client wanted an application which has avariety of areas like finance, business, expert analysis,financial and quarter reports, balance sheet, income statement, cash statement etc. The application should involve expert’s feedback, analyst’s review/ratings/comments and can be purchased from the application’s web section. The application should be mainly categorized into distinct sectionslikeProducts, Financials, Executives and Peer Analysts. The client asked for the user-friendly application with acustom set of animations and templates which change during application runtime.Guest users and investors can register with the application. They can have their own experts.


With keeping in mind criticality of thestock market, Brainvire team developed a secure and automatic solution which caters the need of stock market reporting tool.The team did extensive research on various stock-related data and designed interfaces and instances which can speedily fetch the relevant data. Animation effects like Cube, Flip, Push, Curl, Door Opening Transition, Flip and Turn, Pinch In and Out, Twitch, Freeze, and Expand or Collapse functions were embedded with the application without affecting the data, columns, and graphics of each Stock Related Experiences. Load balancing techniques were applied for efficient integration of stock features and options. This integration resulted in themore relevant application.Robust synchronization was achievedbetween Web Account, Database servers, and mobile Tablets.


    • Mobiles and tablets based application
    • Strong interface to capture stock related information and updates.
    • Category wise reports and listing.
  Editor Admin Control Panel
    • Panel solely for owner – administrator.
    • Admin can view and manage alist of stock experiences in alphabetical order with theprovision of pagination.
    • Admin can add, edit and delete stock experiences list and customize them.
    • Admin can create acover page for a report.
    • Admin can do modification in individual stock experience
    • Admin can delete tab and Change template
    • Admin can approve publishing of submission done by an expert.
    • Update or Reformat content of research and analytics section.
  Expert panel
    • Experts can submit their reports via expert’s personal accounts.
    • Experts can upload videos and images to support their stock experiences.
  For Users and Investors
  • Free registration for guest users.
  • Information presentation with good animation effect.
  • Strong Payment gateway for investors to register themselves on the portal.
  • Payment options for purchasing expert’s feedback, analyst’s review/ratings/comments the application’s web section.


  • Mobile and tablet based application resulted in more chances of viewing the reports by users and thus more active enrollments with the application. This results in good ROI for a company.
  • An application management keeps the users, investors, and experts under one roof. So better community networking experience is given to all.
  • Stock details are now in segregated formats depending on the verticals of businesses: Basic Materials, Conglomerates, Consumer Goods, Financials, Healthcare, Industrial Goods, Services, Technology, and Utilities etc.
  • The application provides a concrete platform of stock-related facts to the users and investors. Depending on the financial material and literature available major corporate giants must be able to play with stocks.
  • Secured and enhanced functionality handles millions of users without slowing down the application.