Mobile Marketing Benefits & Drawbacks

The days are gone when marketers were approaching eMarketing to market and promote their products and services over the internet. With the help of a wide range of offerings, eMarketing has changed the face of traditional marketing and the way companies used it to grow their business over the internet. However, evolution of mobile devices and immense popularity of mobile application development enabled the concept of mobile marketing. marketing brings a whole host of benefits to the users, such as lower cost, customization, ease of tracking and more, thereby minimizing manpower and yet providing the business owners better business benefits and exposure. There is no denying that mobile application development is on its peak and therefore, mobile marketing is a sure shoot solution for the businesses to reach out maximum number of potential users.

However, not all the things are perfect, and Mobile marketing is not exception in it! There is no doubt that it brings tons of benefits for the marketers, but it also suffers from a few potential drawbacks. In this article, we’re going to cover a few of the important benefits and drawbacks to help you make right decision.

  • Immediate results – Today, users carry their mobile devices everywhere they go, which increases the chances of him or her to see messages at the moment they receive it. Hence, it would be easy to reach out to the potential users immediately. We can say that mobile marketing techniques are always instant.
  • Easy to deal with – No matter what you want, whether you wish to send messages, texts, images or video it is very easy work with mobile marketing. Moreover, it also simplifies the promotions and marketing incentive services to the user. Also, it enables the end users to keep virtual information on hand and use it anytime.
  • Ease of using – Due to limited screen size, it limits the scope of using content that is going to be displayed. It simplifies the task for the content creators as they have to include only basic and simple.
  • Direct marketing – Mobile devices interact directly with the users, which enables personalized interaction. The marketers can start direct interaction with the user in order to get instant feedback through SMS via their mobile devices itself.
  • Made mass communication smoother -  As more number of people use mobile devices than a conventional desktop or laptop, mobile marketers can reach a broader audience, specifically those who are located at remote location across the world.
  • Leverage from microblogging benefits – Mobile users are rapidly using microblogging platforms like Twitter through their mobile devices. Such microblogging could be really beneficial for the mobile marketers.
Drawbacks –
  • Varying platforms – Mobile devices don’t have any specific size or predefined standards as compared to the conventional desktops and laptops. Each and every mobile device comes in different shape, size and screen resolution, which makes it difficult for the mobile marketers to plan out their marketing campaign for the mobile devices as they can’t target all the devices.
  • Privacy is still a big issue – Mobile marketers will have to consider the privacy of the end users and therefore, they may have to take permissions from the users.
  • Navigation on the mobile devices is quite tedious.


Ensure that you keep in mind all the do’s and don’ts before you start marketing over the mobile devices. Looking for professional mobile application development services? Get in touch with us now!

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