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A Modern Travel Journal App to Building Detailed and Real-time Narratives


About Client

The client is well-known TV celebrity in the USA who talks about travel journey and experiences with the people. He approached Brainvire for his idea to reach more people via a digital platform.

The USA-based client has already worked with Brainvire for feature-rich social media app development, BragShare. BragShare is a unique social media platform that makes social sharing more organized and meaningful. Satisfied with the services and skills, they’ve asked Brainvire once again for developing a travel journal mobile app for iOS and Android. The client required to develop a mobile application that serves a purpose of tracking users’ moments and login them to the journal which will be served as a memory.

About Product

Brainvire is known for delivering high-end and state-of-the-art mobile applications regardless of the domain. This time, Brainvire puts extra efforts to develop a mobile application that help users keep the track of their own journey, share them with friends, or record them as memories. It is an elevated way to share your memories real-time.

How we did it ?


Notable Number of App Downloads within Few Days of App Launch

The app noticed a remarkable number of downloads within few days

Stories Shared Increased to 50K

It is being very popular among users and number of shared stories increased to 50k

Average time spent on the application increased by 5-6 Minutes

The application has noticed an increase in average time spent on the application by 5-6 minutes

Global search for the app increased

Observed hike in the number of searches and times globally

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