MongoDB 3.2 – The Finest Database Solution For The Enterprise

One among the finest document oriented databases is MongoDB. It is a NoSQL database that shuns off all the complex stuff of relational databases and rather depends on JSON based documents with dynamic schemas for better data management. Integrating data into applications becomes really easy and faster with this type of database structure. MongoDB 3.2 is the latest version of this database available in the market right now. This version is the enhancement to its previous version 3.0 and encapsulates several improved tools and features that can be of great help to the database analysts and operation teams so that they can easily work with and integrate database within their existing processes. MongoDB database development for enterprise can be very beneficial as this latest version of the database encapsulates very interesting and innovative features for entrepreneurial needs.

Following are a few extraordinary features supported by the latest version of this database, MongoDB 3.2.

MongoDB Compass:

Compass is a highly productive graphical tool that provides ability to the users to easily explore the database without any security concerns. It enables for quicker construction of queries, inspection of records and smarter decision making for the deployment of the applications. Now wide range users across an organization can get value from MongoDB with this significantly featured tool.

Tools for Monitoring Application Performance. DBAs of an enterprise can now easily integrate the tools in their database like New Relic and App Dynamics for easy and quick monitoring of the performance of an application.

Connector for BI:

MongoDB 3.2 provides connector which is a valuable utility for the business or data analysts and executives who can easily explore and gain insights from modern technology using the BI tools. The analysts will find it easy to use this as connector uses the BI tools that are already used by the analysts for better understanding of their legacy systems’ data.

Easy to Use and Excellent User Interface:

The user interface of MongoDB is enhanced and made more easy to use. One can now very easily explore the database, collections and also the sub documents without any specialists required to help. Even a novice user can build and run queries to the database without any specific knowledge of the MongoDB database language.

MongoDB version 3.2 is well prepared to meet the critical requirements and more complicated mission critical use cases. It has done this by adding the storage engines to the already existing engines of the database - WiredTiger and MMAPv1. Following are the two important storage engines added in 3.2 version.

Encrypted storage engine which provides enterprises with best ability to protect their critical data from access by untrusted resources and hence, this engine caters rightly to satisfy the diverse requirements of various industries.

The in-memory storage engine is another important storage engine added in this 3.2 version to provide performance, functionality and data safety all together and on the whole for the users. It gives highly foreseeable throughput for important applications like fraud detection, user profile management etc. along with low latency rate.

Hence, with such interesting features, MongoDB database development is sure to cater to the requirements of the organizations that belong to various regular industrial sectors.

Brainvire Infotech is a leading IT solutions firm offering high quality services for Mongo development to meet crucial data management requirements of the enterprises. The company has got excellent pool of database developers who can cater to the diverse requirements of firms belonging to various industrial sectors.

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