Shout Out to Brainvire’s Monsoon Event 2019!

August 29, 2019; Mumbai, India

They say Mumbai's rains are something worth experiencing at least once in life. The dark grey skies, the relentless Arabian sea and of course, the charm of the city that never sleeps! We, at Brainvire, also flicked around the wand of monsoon magic in our offices, spread across cities, so that Brainers too could enjoy the sky showering its blessings.

Brainvire workspaces at both, Mumbai and Ahmedabad had their version of eventful monsoon season to add up a touch of fun and gusto at their organizations. The HR and admin teams at both locations have always been on their toes to fill out their employees' lives with fun and buzz. The teams took the initiative of organizing some excellent games and activities to lighten up a tad bit and establish a strong bond of friendliness with all their coworkers.

The staff at both Ahmedabad and Mumbai offices were divided into energetic squads all set to bag the first position. Recharging their creativity radar from day one in the zeal of camaraderie, championship, and amusement, all the teams eagerly participated in the monsoon event that spanned over a period of three days, from August 12, 2019, to August 14, 2019.

It was the creative stroke of Purvi ma'am which packed three days packed with unparalleled awesomeness. A total of 17 groups participated in the Mumbai office, and Ahmedabad office showcased full-fledged participation of a whopping 13 groups. Amidst winners, runner ups as well as 'better luck next timers' the Brainers found their moments of elation, fun and a sense of familiarity right at their workstations.

Here's what Mr. Chintan Shah, the CEO of Brainvire Infotech, has to say about Monsoon Event 2019, "The individuals working at Brainvire are but my extended family. I take great pleasure in participating with them in their bliss and glee. And I am all but exalted to see how involved the Brainers were at the Monsoon event 2019. Having observed that unrivaled fervor, all I can do is wait for Monsoon 2020 to come soon!"

About Brainvire

With employee-centric HR policies and various other impressive amenities, Brainvire tries its level best to keep the Brainers happy and cherished at the workplace. Ever since its establishment in the year 2000, Brainvire has always adopted ways that would enhance the working experience of its Brainvire in the best possible manner.

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