Why You Should Move Your Applications To Windows Azure?

2012 was the most crucial year for Microsoft as the brand Windows goes through some of the major reformations. With the release of various upgrades like Windows 8, Windows Server 2012 and more, Microsoft has also dazzled cloud computing with Windows Azure. Of course, there are plenty of cloud platforms available from various vendors, but trade pundits firmly believe that Windows Azure development would lead the cloud computing in the coming years.
Cloud computing and Windows Azure from Microsoft, these two are hot topics in today’s IT circles. It became commercially available to customers in February 2010, since then it has gone through a number of updates with additional functionality added ranging from mobile services to media management. Today, many giant enterprises consider Windows Azure a preferred cloud platform and approaching to Windows Azure development. So, what makes it a preferred choice among the organizations? Let’s explore more on this.

Focus on your app, not on the infrastructure

As you move your applications to Windows Azure, it will help you overcome the issues and worries managing infrastructure. There are 4 models of hosting your application on Windows Azure. As you use one of those 4 models, it will reduce the time wasted in managing things. Also, you can leverage from more productivity, quicker time to market and high level of availability to respond your customers’ queries.

High-level of flexibility

Windows Azure is leading PaaS (Platform as a Service) model, which brings more flexibility and openness to you as you can use a wide range of technologies with it! It becomes easy for you to build applications with the help of ASP.NET development services, PHP, Node.js and Python. You can have a SQL Server database, a MySQL database, MongoDB and Hadoop. Moreover, you can deploy Windows as well as Linux Virtual Machines on the go. It is not at all necessary for you have a Windows OS to go for Windows Azure development. You can easily build applications on any other OS.

Save more

With Windows Azure, you have to pay only for what you use! When you deploy something on Windows, you don’t have to pay any additional cost for the unnecessary stuff. There is no upfront cost or subscription. You have to pay only for the resources you deploy. This means you can start small at the lowest cost and scale the cost as your business grows.

99.95% uptime – High availability

No one likes their applications face a huge downtime. With Windows Azure development, you can leverage from almost 99.95% uptime for the applications you host on it. Your application is running in secure state-of-the-art data centers.

Break the geographical boundaries

Today, you might have customer spread across the different geographical locations across the world. It is important to have your data and applications available to the customers wherever they’re located. With Windows Azure, you can easily break the geographical boundaries and reach out millions of potential customers on the go.
These are a few reasons that definitely make sense to start developing on Windows Azure today. What are you waiting for? Leverage from professional Windows Azure development and power bi consulting today! Hire Azure Developers from Brainvire for your business growth.

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