Moving Forward With the Biggest Revolution Of The Decade

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a next biggest revolution in this digital world that connects the world through the interconnected network devices.

The analysis says that IoT will change the base of businesses and redefine the whole tact of interaction through the networks.

In fact, the IoT is already been labeled as the driving force of IT economy.

How? Let’s be acquainted with some superior statistics. Collecting total, the economic impact of the Internet of things (IoT) is forecast to be reached between 3.9 and 11.1 trillion U.S dollars by the year 2025. The statista report also states that the impact of IoT on the home environment is expected to be between 200 and 350billion US dollars.

Adding one more report here that really does make sense in business administration showing a good turn towards in B2B sector. The statistics shows predict of the economic impact of the B2B sector IoT by the year 2025 projected to be reached between 2.3 and 7.7 trillion US dollars.

Need More? Here is one intuitive report:

This statistics shows the worldwide Internet of Things services spending amounted to 481.8 billion US dollars by 2020.

These statistics are sufficient to show the IoT inclination in a home environment, Business and industry sector, sensor devices automation and global market consumption. Up to this phase, mobility solution has already covered a broad expansion in the industry. But, now the world is moving towards more connective space through the sensors, devices integration and actuators connected to computing systems.

Would you like to know how IoT Transform the world by taking significant steps into digitalization?

The Iot is already started changing the way one work, live and interact.

Subtracting statistics from the ground, there are so many examples of IoT Implementation we can observe in our surroundings.

Companies are pouring capital into Internet of Things to drive connectivity into the automobile industry. Have you seen the brand new car comes with applications and sensor device connectivity? What do you think about this? Is this IoT?

Yeah. The fully automated smart home environments that enable you to maintain equipment with your commands, is IoT. Do you mind if your mobile reminds you to control the thermostat? Sounds pretty well, right? Yes, now you can proceed further.

The major impact of IoT has on the government system, enterprise industry, automotive industry, businesses transactions and, on consumers. To deliver the more personalized experience and getting buzz around modernization, businesses are taking their steps forward to the implementation of IoT.

Growing its wings as Global Theme, we can say IoT is our next bigger step towards technology evolution.”

Would you like to know how IoT works?

Saying in the basic terms, it is a group of interconnected devices that involves computers, mobile apps, sensors, actuators, hardware-software integrations and, other computing systems.

Credit: FIWARE

Whether it is an automotive, ecommerce or manufacturing industry, it does make sense everywhere!

Is there any need of IoT strategy in today’s world environment?

Of course, yes.

As we all have observed that our future is full of a mobility solution.

Achieving the digitalization impact in the majority of sectors, the world is moving to the more and more automation. Here is why we need IoT to make the comprehensive connected world.

  • Currently, in the manufacturing industry, there is much need of robust internal operations and interoperability. In these terms, the manufacturing industry is leading the way of IoT implementation as there is much machinery to be handled, various transactions needed to be monitored and, and accurate workflow to be defined. Sensors and integrated systems are very helpful in the manufacturing industry to enrich the productivity so as return on investment. The next prior industry that is in the row of significant achievement in IoT is healthcare. To monitor physical activity and trace the real-time scenario, IoT realization is in trends nowadays. Health management and fitness figures are now being monitored personally and also suggesting the recommended options based on the preferences. Advent of technological solution is also increasing over the recent time. Apparently, IoT has added noteworthy value in healthcare mobility solution.You can definitely say that the IoT has extensively covered automotive industry. The manufacturing of vehicles and other elements, digitization has gone under the way to impart the changes that technology bought. From selfless driving to entire vehicle management, IoT is unlocking the revenue factor, completely.
    Smart homes! Like our smart phones and vehicles, the house can be fully connected and managed even remotely by implementation of IoT. Connected device through your mobile apps with sensors and home appliances, IoT has begun a new era. The US market has seen remarkable growth over the years in number of connected homes and this is the truth:

Credit: Mckinsey

Business-to-Business (B2B) and ecommerce transactions are getting their hands on digitalization from mobile apps to sensor connected store. IoT has simplified the complex transactional processes and made it simpler form the core. Faster payments checkouts and personalized targeted campaigns are driving the ecommerce industry to the road of IoT.

However, the physical environment need to demonstrate the analysis of using applications, where these IoT devices actually be deployed. Offices, homes, industries, factories needed to be more managed. Creating a top-to-bottom business models, IoT sector is revamping the economy sector.

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