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About Client

The client is an online information service provider, which enables the users to look for offers and sales whenever and wherever they’re running in the town by searching for the services and products of their interest and fetching the desired details. The users can save a few bucks by using the services provided by the amazing deals and coupons provided by the client. They offer a wide range of coupons and deals on products such as home appliances, electronic products, games, health and beauty products, movies, fashion, games, entertainment, footwear, music, etc.

Business Challenges

Being one of the India’s leading pioneers of information portal, the client offers irresistible offers and sales on more than 1000 popular high-end brands. It’s basically an ideal “deals” destination for users who do not wish to miss any best coupons or deals while sitting in the comfort of their homes. Having garnered lots of appreciation, dependency, and trust from the side of users, the client wanted to offer something good on their web application. They wanted their site to fetch maximum user engagement, easy maintenance, new features enhancements, and alteration in short code. The client wanted their site to be rich in terms of Search Engine Optimization.


As per the instructions of our client, an SEO friendly web application was developed by our team of developers. The site was offered an appealing look and new features were added as per our client’s directions.


  • Availability of search page
  • Availability of offers page
  • Comprehensive partner-merchant account with complete administration control
  • Comprehensive site administration and management control
  • Availability of general and mCoupons
  • Availability of ecommerce for multi-location coupon management system
  • Group buying deals


  • Enabling Faster to Market transition helped our client attract more users by offering deals and coupons.
  • Search engine friendly website was built.
  • The client was able to generate maximum reach.
  • The new maintenance features helped our client to maintain their website without any hassles.