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Client Requirement


Multi-location Coupon Management System is an online information service that will enable you to look for sale and offers in your town by simply searching for the products and services of your interest and getting the desired details. Be it a seasonal, festive, one-day or coupon offer, you can now make sure that the information will help you save a few bucks anytime and anywhere. The idea is to grab opportunities and never let them pass you by.

Being a pioneer of information portal in India, Multi-location Coupon Management System is one of the largest ecommerce website where you get more than 1000 popular brands which are running irresistible sale and offers. It’s an ideal destination for today’s netizen’s who love not to miss any update about any best daily deals or best coupon deals from the comfort of their house.

Multi-location Coupon Management System has a wide range of products like electronic products, health & beauty products, fashion, footwear, music, entertainment, kids, movies, games, home appliances and a lot more. With a whole host of popular brands we ensure that you get all the best deals online you want.

  • Search Page: The user can type his desired keywords and search for anything on the site. The relevant results will be displayed in a list format with an option to refine the search results with the presence of a Filter Box. Auto-suggest feature to be provided across all global and local searches.
  • Offer Details Page:This will be an Offer Details Page allocated to all offers where details like Description, Offer Locations, Image(s), Reviews, Brands and Contact Us of that particular offer will be displayed. A short introduction of the brand and catalog of its products and services will also be available to the users.
  • Partner Merchant Account: A comprehensive Partner Merchant account with complete administration controls with respect to partner information, sale and offers listing, advertising etc.
  • Site Administration: The website should be powered with a comprehensive administration and management system that controls all aspects, features and facilities of the portal.
  • General:These are offers that a brand would like to communicate through to the target audience aiming maximum reach. These are for both the general audience and the brand’s own loyalty members.
  • mCoupons: Coupon-based offers will be generated by brands especially for users. The users can download the coupons on their mobiles as an SMS to be shown to the vendors to avail a discount. The users shall be sent mCoupon on mobile as well as email coupon vouchers to be able to print in case they fail to receive SMS.
  • Group-Buying Deals: Group deals from various sites in different cities as well as shall show deals based on groups. Customers can purchase the coupons/vouchers (if from Multi-location Coupon Management System) or will be lead to the external site(s) which are selling the deal coupons. When successfully purchased, they will be sent the coupons on both mobile and email.
  • Online ecommerce: Multi-location Coupon Management System will have various branded stores which will be selling products online through Multi-location Coupon Management System.Once purchased, Multi-location Coupon Management System shall have intimation mechanism where respective partners will be immediately notified of the purchase and they can start the shipping process. Once the system is updated that the products are shipped and delivered, we shall pass on the money to the Partners.

Project Challenges

Team faced the following challenges:
  • Admin panel access based on role for Merchants, Partners to manage their business and offers.
  • Logistic implementations
  • Online payment gateway integration
  • Promotional SMS and Transactional SMS integration
  • Integration with third-party systems like SAP, ERP, Loyalty Management Systems etc.
  • Reports generation based on offers with respect to the cities, merchants and partners.
  • Harmonizing the simultaneous execution of various integrated features and options while maintaining consistent Load balance.
  • Incorporating web usability principles while developing numerous features designed for enhancing the users’ Community networking experience.
  • Location Finder, Traceability of Coupon Locater/Dealer, Device Notification, Displaying of Map and Grid View for all users’ viewing and usability experience. All commencement at the same server reproduces the application needs for user and system.
  • Coupons had to be redeemed at any dealer or retailer. It was synchronized with the database, account transaction ID’s, web server, administrative records etc. that requires data being updated during the runtime of each transaction activities.
  • Allowing the site to handle millions of users at the same time without slowing down.

Technologies Used

Operating System & Server Management Linux Cent OS, Multi-Server Architecture with Staging & Production environment through Version controlling releases Load Balancer, Apache optimization, security and SSL implementation, scheduler for backups, alert monitoring system integration, server performance tuning at regular intervals, software firewall configuration and maintenance, email server configuration etc.
Development Tools & Environments PHP, Code Igniter, JQuery, Prototype.js, SVN, AJAX, CSS, HTML, Solar Search Engine, Third Payment Gateway Integration, SMS Gateway, Logistics Integration, Customer Orders etc.
Database MySQL, DB Clustering, DB Optimization, High Availability, Master –Slave Replication, Query optimization, Slow Query Optimization, scheduler for backups, Alert Monitoring System integration, Percona Server Integration etc.


Project Leader 1
Developers 4
Designers 1
Quality Assurance Testers 1


Keeping in mind the enormous structure of the website and the challenges involved a 3-tier development approach was adopted consisting of:
  • The Business Logic layer consisting of all the business logic procedures for modules like user profiles, groups, registration info etc.
  • Research and analysis has been scheduled in respect to get the actual level of output of data which is in the form of different verticals and business logics.
  • The Data Access layer containing the libraries responsible for accessing data from the database.
  • The User Interface layer which forms the Graphical User Interface of the website.
  • Planned for the proper synchronization of the connectivity and interaction between the web server and database, a server-where the images are being placed.


Design part was successful through PHP and MYSQL through which direct execution from the UI layer was possible. Effective access to the database in an object oriented context was implemented using an interface translating the object logic to relational logic so as to communicate with the relational databases in an object-oriented manner. Access to the database was enabled through the creation of an intermediary abstraction layer. Only the complex retrieval of data from multiple tables was facilitated through stored procedures and everywhere else conditional syntax was implemented to ensure seamless performance of the website. Images, applications and data were called from their respective servers keeping the UI layer free of any business logic and scalability was guaranteed by implementing sub-domains for various areas of the website. CodeIgniter framework helped customizing part of e-commerce integration with 3rd party.

Development Highlights

The site architecture enabled the ‘Faster to Market’ transition which is highly essential for coupons and offers industry. It involved all the major complex queries and a simple but extensive User Interface for admin to drill down and track the details of each user effectively.Optimized query features offered comprehensive search & browse options. Web usability guidelines were strictly adhered to during the maintenance of existing and development of new features and the interface was easily navigable through the judicious use of AJAX, CSS and HTML controls. Search Engine Optimization activities were regularly resorted to with a view of ensuring high visibility for the site over the internet. The application was fully functional in the time span of 3 months.

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