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India’s Biggest Mutual Fund Company Strengthens The Trust Via Brainvire’s Portfolio Management Solution


About Client

The client is India’s biggest and trusted asset management company with a net worth of Rs. 16,548 crore. It’s into the investment businesses such as mutual funds, asset management, life insurance, general insurance, stock broking, private equity and many other financial services. The client has 20 million+ customers across the India with total assets of Rs 82,209 crore as of now.

About Product

The product is a system that allows the users to keep watch on the trades via different views. The views will be in various graphical, table, statistical, and animation format letting trader understands the trades better. Plus, the traders are given the powerful functionalities to security wise add trades. The solution uses various tools and methodologies to measure risk management analytics, Equity Performance attribution, portfolio management, and enhance marketing capabilities of clients.

- Portfolio management products developed using advanced quantitative techniques, deliver a superior user-friendly package.

- On one click, wholesome views come to the screen including detailed view and compact view like GUILT and Income monitor view, Asset Allocator view, sample trade, post-trade values.

- The user will also be able to add trade to excel sheet with fixed fields and all the updated trade will be listed in the grid.

- For pending deals, users are able to add and delete trades.

- Calculates the portfolio with fewer easy steps.

How we did it ?


Strengthened branding

The stronger mutual fund brand became robust once the application is released

Massive increase in a trust

The application offers all types of views that customer can view the investment 360 degrees way

Widened user base

Having robust tools to strategize trades, lot many users opted for the same company

Huge rise in revenues

Trust, increased user base, and the branding together resulted in a giant leap in revenues

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