Node.js Development Tools 1.2 for Visual Studio 2015 released – Is it the Future?

Node.js is a promising technology that is yet to stay here for a long, long time from now! It is every developer’s favorite when it comes to developing light-speed server applications. How about using it within Visual Studio? This is exactly what Node.js Tools for Visual Studio (NTVS) offers. It allows the developers to work with their Node.js projects, but, right within the Visual Studio environment.

Node.js Tools for Visual Studio is now available for much easier and improved application development experiences with Visual Studio as its latest version, v1.2 comes knocking down the road. Just a few days back, Microsoft got the ball rolling for the developers by introducing a new version of Node.js tools, v1.2 for Visual Studio 2015…..

If you are a developer profound of developing applications with Visual Studio? Then, this release shall amuse you for sure. After all, you are getting the power to create fast and scalable server-side applications right from the IDE that you are comfortable working with.

Node.js Tools for Visual Studio 2015 will certainly get you lot of benefits to ease and improve your tasks. Want to learn how? Then, just keep on reading the blog…..

Node.js Development with Visual Studio 2015

Node.js Tools 1.2 is a free, open-source plug-in for Visual Studio 2015 that comes out with a real promise to make Node JS development services, a real treat for the developers who get to experience easy yet advanced coding functionalities at every stage of their development process. Right from templates to cloud deployment, the plug-in has everything required to make the development process more comfortable and efficient for the developers. Now the coders can develop code really fast and easy for their node.js applications right from the Visual Studio 2015 development environment.

What’s So Interesting about Node.js Tools 1.2 for Visual Studio 2015?

Visual Studio is no longer a simple IDE for developing web and mobile applications. With the introduction of Node.js Tools 1.2, it’s more of a powerful Node.js Development Environment which supports a wide range of features to improve developers’ productivity.

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So, now let’s explore the amusing features of Node.js Tools 1.2 for Visual Studio 2015, which make it a promising technology for future.

Get Going with Project Templates:

It’s easy getting started with Node.js development in Visual Studio using this plug-in which offers some active, in-built project templates to work upon. Not only this, with this plug-in, you shall even get to access the command line scaffolding tools that will help you generate your project and import it to Visual Studio 2015 just with a few clicks. Isn’t it interesting? You can start working on your Node.js applications as soon as faster with this plug-in at your help.

Intelligent Code Completion or ES6 IntelliSense:

Get ready to explore the new ES6 IntelliSense experience with a more powerful IntelliSense engine that not only examines your code, but also, checks up the packages or files you have included with your code and intelligently weaves up useful and syntactically-correct code completions for you. Hence, this can add both speed as well as efficiency to your development process.

IntelliSense engine works on improving project coding with type definition files and shall be applicable to all the popular Node.js frameworks like Express, Knockout, jQuery and Commander.

Advanced Debugging and Profiling:

Debugging gets IMPROVED with this new, hot version of Node.js Tools for Visual Studio. The problem of inconsistent and improper break points in the code is resolved here. You can now get automatic notifications of exceptions in an interactive debugger interface for easy and efficient debugging process.

How about debugging with proper conditional breakpoints, trace points, and cross-OS (Linux/MacOS/Windows) remote debugging features? Sounds interesting right? It’s all there in this brand new plug-in for Visual Studio.

Not only this, just get ready to face some real challenge as you track down your application detail and find out all the performance issues arising with it. Right from the basic level of your application structure, its source code lines, processes, program execution data, the functions calling and being called and right up to the call tree of the whole application, you can get a view of everything you need to track through profiling reports available with this plugin.

It gets really easy tracking down all the bugs and the performance issues in your Node.js application.

Improved Unit Testing:

You can now easily create, run, debug and filter unit tests for your application without having to move over to the command prompt. You can now use tools like Mocha or your favorite unit testing framework to carry out unit tests for your application in Visual Studio.

Cloud Integration:

One of the best features of this plug-in is that it allows applications to be cloud-deployed. So, now you can create, run and deploy your node.js applications right from your desk using Visual Studio while they run on Linux or Windows-based server. Moreover, as you are developing your applications with Visual Studio, you can be assured of cross-platform Azure services for your Node.js application and hence, track the performance of your live application right from Application Insights, a performance tracking module for node.js developers.

Improved Performance:

This new version of Node.js Tools, v1.2 adds stability and performance to your applications without problems of out-of-memory crashes or hangs. Moreover, there are lot of improvements made in this new version to support improved application load times, thereby making applications much faster and productive.

Hence, Node.js Tools for Visual Studio 2015 has everything to make up for a future technology. It adds speed, reliability, performance, scalability and ease to the node.js application development process. Moreover, it provides support for the constantly evolving technologies like cloud and Azure, thereby allowing easy and wide access to the enterprise applications.

Just a glance at all this stuff and one can say that Node.js Tools for visual Studio 2015 is definitely to stay here in the near future for sure.

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