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Brainvire Tailored Odoo’s Core Features To Manage The Initiative To Eradicate Food Insecurity

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The organization’s goal is to gather food items from farms, businesses, restaurants, and individual donations that might otherwise go to waste. They distribute emergency food rations, and the proceeds help fund food programs that feed the community daily. They then distribute the money to their member beneficiaries, who utilize it to help underprivileged individuals.

The client needed a system to track the demand from beneficiaries and distribute goods accordingly. Next, they needed to establish an algorithm in place to manage product SKUs. Prior to this, they monitored each step. With our Odoo system and mobile app, Brainvire has made it simple to manage everything from stock to finances.

CEO of Brainvire, Chintan Shah, said, “Food insecurity is the inability to buy enough healthy food. The customer has shown initiative in eradicating it, and we are more than pleased to assist them with the technical aspects of system management. They needed to develop a strategy for an effective system to streamline their management. Thus, Brainers have centralized the ways to manage stock, authorized beneficiaries, and other operations with Odoo integration.”

The client’s development team has been toiling away at an integrated Enterprise resource planning (ERP) system to help standardize and improve the organization’s multiple operations. And to smoothen the process, they have established certain monetary and other guidelines for working with the donors and beneficiaries.

They built an operation map and settled on Odoo as their ERP of choice. This resulted in a surge of calls to service businesses from clients seeking help to execute their operations.

Odoo’s functionality was modified so our team could choose data from a pool split up by region. After that, the team will divide recipients into subsets based on where they are and the kind of enrichment activities they receive, with recipients free to shop from any subsets.

The administrator will also have access to a global allocation view, where they may see a list of all dispute allocations and use Pro-rata calculations to divide the funds fairly to all recipients. The system handles the automatic distribution of goods to their intended receivers. Once the manager approves the order, the choosing list will be printed.

The Odoo mobile app allows a contributor to input a donation, personalize a product for a user’s purchase, and check inventory from anywhere with ease.

It is recommended that volunteers begin scanning by selecting the sales receipt (Incoming shipment). The names and contact details of donors are recorded with all arriving packages. An email or push notification will be sent to the designated volunteers when a purchase invoice is allocated to an administrative assistant.

Using the system, the business easily keeps tabs on local suppliers’ data, including name, email, address, point of contact, etc. Next, we’ll sort out the local businesses and donors. The technology allows their employees to rapidly filter through contributions and local vendors.

The initiative is a step in the right direction for mankind, and the existing method for centrally handling all food donations is critical to reducing food waste and poverty. And Brainvire is thrilled to be included in this amazing experience.

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