Brainvire’s Odoo Solution Revolutionizes Camel Lab Testing Management

1st June, 2023 Dallas, USA

The Veterinary Research Center is a comprehensive facility housing an Advanced Genetic Center, Camel Auction Unit, Camel Breeding and Treatment Unit, and Camel Feed and Pharmacy Unit. With a primary focus on advancements in camel breeding, embryo transfer, and infertility treatment, the center has achieved remarkable success in producing over 7000 embryo transfer babies. Additionally, the center offers camel DNA profiling and parentage analysis services. 

The client, specializing in DNA Lab Testing for camels, sought solutions to effectively manage payment records for walk-in customers and track the lab testing status of the camels. They required a streamlined payment process, real-time camel activity (lab testing) status communication, efficient walk-in customers and their camel's management, an automated notification system through Odoo ERP, and seamless customer communication.

Chintan Shah, CEO of Brainvire, said, “We successfully fulfilled all the client’s requirements, providing a user-friendly ERP system for managing camel lab testing, efficient walk-in customer and camel management, and seamless communication through WhatsApp integration.”   

The project has a range of client requirements, including the need for a user-friendly ERP system to effectively manage the lab testing of camels. This system should be designed to simplify and streamline the testing process, ensuring efficiency and accuracy. Additionally, the system should be accessible and easy to navigate, enabling lab technicians to efficiently record and retrieve test results. Finally, the client emphasizes the importance of a user-friendly interface that can accommodate the specific requirements of camel lab testing.

The Brainvire team successfully met all the client’s requirements by implementing various modules in the ERP system. These modules included inventory management, project management, invoicing, contact management, and integration with WhatsApp.

They ensured that a job card was created once the customer invoice was confirmed, allowing for efficient tracking of the lab testing processes, such as sample collection and status of reports. As a result, invoicing was streamlined for camels’ lab testing, and a payment link generation feature was integrated into the Odoo ERP system. Additionally, the team utilized WhatsApp notifications to share payment links, lab test reports, and payment statuses with the clients.

The project highlights include several key features: the ability to automatically answer progress inquiries via WhatsApp using registration and/or lab numbers, customizable reports based on customer requirements, DNA testing sample notifications through integration with Odoo, tracking of camels’ medical history, identification numbers, and chip numbers, and the creation of job cards upon invoice posting. 

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