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A Seamless Odoo And Magento Integration For A Shoe Brand

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About Client

With a global presence the client has generated a strong and reliable customer base. They wish to suffice different needs of their diverse customer base. Simultaneously, they aspire to offer footwear that is suitable based on the customer's lifestyle and health. The client has a wide array of footwear for customers that can help them lead a healthy lifestyle.

About Product

Brainvire’s specialists suggested digital transformation along with Odoo and Magento integration to suffice the client’s requirements. The team brainstormed over the client’s requirements and suggested Odoo implementation since it works the best as per the needs. Brainvire’s experts executed this solution and improved the client’s productivity, and profitability.

How we did it ?


Optimized IT cost

The client can now make the most of the invested IT cost. The smooth integration empowered shared services operations and helped to save additional costs.

Employee management

With a systematic process in place, employees can now complete their tasks within the set timeline. This helped the client to improve employee management.

Enhanced overall management

The presence of Odoo, Magento, and ERP triggered improved management of inventory, financial reporting, logistics, and customer services. A smooth flow of all these activities enabled overall management.

Overall productivity and profitability

Improved reports and planning helped the client to improve their digital presence. Brainvire’s team assisted them in the process of business process transformation. Improved processes, employee functionality, and consumer data helped the client to gain overall productivity and profitability.

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