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Odoo Modules Accelerate Management Capabilities Of HVAC Firm

March, 2021 Dallas, USA

We resolved the pressing mismanagement issue of the air-purifier manufacturer with a retail IT solution inclusive of compatible Odoo modules to improve efficiency.

As on today, Odoo has over 5 million users and over 2550 partners across the globe. They aim to provide a complete suite of tools to organizations across industries to run and expand businesses. We addressed the mismanagement issue at the air-purifier manufacturer company and the need for a switch from SAP B1 to Odoo solutions. The annual SAP updates failed to offer advanced services.

We, therefore, pitched the idea of implementation of a comprehensive Odoo solution since it was the best fit solution. With this implementation, the company can adapt to evolving market changes and consumer behavior.

Our Odoo specialists tapped on different modules that can be included in the software suite for the company. We brainstormed and shortlisted a few modules such as Odoo Sales, Odoo Manufacturing, Odoo Accounting, and Odoo HRMS to resolve the primary management concerns. Our Odoo & Magento solutions offered a platform to configure the filter, obtain sample approval from customers, and then start production. This way, customers obtain filter solutions suitable for their environment.

This bridge helped streamline activities like solving the jigsaw puzzle with the right pieces. In this case, customized Odoo accounting and CRM helped ease taxation and manage leads respectively. Bidirectional Odoo Magento Sync aligned all master data in Odoo. Odoo sales module facilitated sales quotation customization, sales orders,and real time sales reports to sales reps.

Well, this wasn’t as simple as it sounds. Our team provided proper training to the company so that they can make optimal use of each module and boost their efficiency. This replaced all the mundane processes with quick automated fixes and improved the company’s overall management capabilities.

The company offers a variety of products along with air-purifiers across countries. They aim to encourage more individuals to breathe in pure air and stay healthy. Headquartered in Riyadh, the firm is quite popular in the Middle East and globally. They shared the RFP globally with several Odoo partners but our expertise and consultant-driven approach helped us bag this project.

“We wanted the company to taste the flavor of automated processes and Odoo has diverse capabilities in this array. With a tailored Odoo software suite we have empowered the company with programmed management potential and enable quick deliverables,” said Mr. Chintan Shah, CEO Brainvire.

Furthermore, we also facilitated Odoo-ERP integration so that the firm can obtain real-time order, shipment, fleet, and delivery updates. This new website allows sources to search for the right product, easy reorder replacement filters, appropriate filter selection with respect of size and efficiency.

Along with Odoo in the backend, we have optimized the Magento website in the frontend. The company had a dynamic and precise requirement for the website UI/UX. Our team worked on it from scratch to provide a customized solution. We also included the custom-builder option so that customers can search for filter modifications as per their requirements. To organize the customer purchase we inserted a request for quote feature so that customers can directly get a quote for their customized air filter product.

Apart from this, we have an exclusive keyword search functionality that runs search not only in product pages but also throughout the website for improved search results.

The successful digitization of the platform resulted in end-to-end management of CRM, purchase, sales, inventory, HRMS, manufacturing, and improved customer satisfaction.

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