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About Client

Client serves the education sector and offers academic writing system that enables students to improve their writing abilities. The program includes organized and logical methods for novice writers and also provides webinars and live workshops to the students, teachers as well as the parents of homeschooled children to work on their writing capabilities.

Business Challenges

The client wanted to develop an easy online writing program for the students where they can write, save, draft, print and submit their assignments from anywhere and anytime. They wanted to help the students with their writing abilities and hence, wanted to develop an online writing system aligned in accordance to the national standards.


Brainvire team developed a reliable WordPress based CMS system for the client’s requirements. Not only did they develop an online portal for education management, but also customized the functionality of their overall CMS system so that students can easily and more efficiently work out and submit their assignments online. They added dynamic modules to enhance the functionalities of the online writing program system for students.


  • WordPress module development for introduction and conclusion sections
  • Integration of paid membership pro plugin
  • Replacing text boxes with text editors without change of functionality
  • Granting access to the current writing module based on the time period of subscription of the writing program
  • Double check popup was integrated so that users are warned and assured of the process before deletion of the assignment
  • Resolving the label issues
  • Credit Card Processor integration


  • Custom modules development and integration for adding new features and functionalities in the website
  • Paid membership plugin and credit card processor integration
  • Double check pop up implementation for assignment deletion
  • Complete customization of education management portal as desired by the client


  • Students can write, save and submit their assignments online
  • Hassle-free education management with a completely customized system
  • Easy membership through online CMS system
  • Reliable payment methods through credit card processor mechanism