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About Client

Client owns a fully integrated marketing communications agency managing an entertainment or film production house in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The company is armed with experts providing film production, commercials and corporate video productions, advertising and branding solutions, and event, and strategy management solutions. It is one of the renowned film production houses of The Middle East.

Business Challenges

During the production of a movie, the production house owner struggles to locate apt actors, cast, property and props required for the movie shoot like furniture, cars, heritage homes and much more to get on with the theme of the movie. Finding all this stuff could be a hard and time consuming task when done manually offline or on individual basis. Not only the production house owners, even the actors struggle hard to enter in the acting profession and yet sometimes fail to locate good opportunities existing for them within the industry. Hence, the client wanted to develop an online solution that can bring together all the aspiring actors, production house owners, property owners, actors and prop owners on a single platform. They also wanted to help the designers and photographers so that they can find, buy and sell high-resolution and best quality images online.


Nothing is better than an online marketplace to connect people for their requirements related to each other. Very well aware of this concept, Brainvire suggested marketplace development to the client for their needs. The skilled professionals of Brainvire came up with a bespoke online marketplace. The marketplace had features to support the needs of production house owners, prop owners, property owners, designers, and photographers. The first of its kind marketplace which not only helps production house owners to upload jobs, enquire for properties and find their prop requirements for shooting the movie, but also gives the actors an opportunity to explore the film industry jobs, upload their profile and apply for the jobs easily. The property owners can upload information about their properties for rent or sale and can even reply to the property needs of the production house owners. The marketplace also offered photographers an easy way to upload and sell out their stock images to the designers looking to buy them for their designing needs.


  • Production house owners can post their prop requirements for a movie shoot on the portal.
  • Prop owner can upload the pictures of the props required for a movie shoot on the portal which the production house owners can either buy or rent according to their needs
  • Actors can upload their profile on the portal and also view, edit and update it according to their needs
  • Production house owners can describe their requirements, mention the roles for which actors are required, special role actors needed and, location and property required for the shoot. They can also search for actors, view their profiles and shortlist candidates for their movie.
  • Property owners can post their properties for rent or sale on the portal Actors can apply for jobs, contact and schedule an appointment or interview with the production house owners
  • Prop owners can view the prop requirements of the production house owners and reply them right through the portal
  • The photographers or individuals can upload the high resolution images for sale
  • Designers can search and buy the high resolution images for their designing needs
  • Users can search their requirements in multiple languages on the portal
  • Actors can apply for jobs, contact and schedule an appointment or interview with the production house owners


  • One-of-its-kind marketplace for film industry and production house owners in the Middle East and Saudi Arabia
  • One stop solution for production house owners so that they can find different kinds of props, actors and cast for various roles, property or location for shoot and various other things for film production.
  • Individuals can search for their film industry related requirements through language of their choice. For instance, the production house owners, prop owners, photographers and individuals in Saudi Arabia or Middle East Zone can search for their requirements in Arabic language.