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Client Requirement


An online shop that enables customers to buy a wide range of stationary that includes Personalized Stationary, Letterpress Wedding Invitations, Baby Announcement Cards and much more. Client required that the website be developed with the most suitable ecommerce platform and it should have features to enable customers to customize the stationary while purchasing.

Client also requested internet marketing and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) of this website to increase the visibility and drive more and more traffic and sales.

  • Scalable and reliable ecommerce technology
  • Impeccable database performance that can handle huge amount of traffic without slowing the system
  • Excellent graphics to display the products on the site
  • Advanced search features
  • Features to register members and login to a personalized account
  • Printing options and filters wherever necessary
  • Shopping Cart, Payment Process and Checkout process development.
  • User Friendly website.

Project Challenges

Client required an ecommerce website built in Magento to sell personalized stationary, wedding car designs and custom artwork for stationary.

The following challenges were faced while developing the project:
  • Developing an active shopping portal capable of handling millions of user requests at the same time without slowing the site down.
  • Built in functionality to enable customers to customize the stationary before making a purchase.
  • Customers can change the colour, font and the font size and create custom stationary as per their requirement and them place an order.
  • Client has over 50 shops all over the US and a few abroad too. The website should enable customers to make a purchase anywhere, anytime.
  • Configuring payment methods to enable payments from all over the world.

Technologies Used

Operating System & Server Management Red Hat Linux OS, Multi-Server Architecture with Staging & Production Environment through Version Controlling releases, Server Optimization, Security & SSL Implementation, Scheduler for Back-ups, Alert Monitoring System Integration,Server Performance Tuning at regular intervals, Software Firewall Configuration & Maintenance
Development Tools & Environments PHP5+, Magento, Apache Web Server, AJAX, HTML, CSS etc.
Database MYSQL Database Server, DB Clustering, DB Optimization, Master Slave Replication, Query Optimization,Scheduler for Backups


Project Leader 1
Developers 1
Designers 1


The enormous structure of the website and the challenges involved necessitated the adoption of a four-tier approach that consisted of:
  • MySQL Server Database, Tables, Stored Procedures etc… incorporated within the database layer.
  • All the business logic procedures for modules such as User Profiles, Invitations, Forums and Blogs etc… forming the Business Logic layer.
  • Conversion of data between incompatible type systems in databases and accessing data from the database for the Interface layer and Database Abstraction layer respectively.
  • The GUI of the website formed by the User Interface layer.


PHP and MYSQL Server formed the basis of development as the site was rich with user data and featured extensive capabilities for online shopping. Shipping Management, Order Management, Inventory Management etc. were developed in PHP such that they can be executed directly from the UI layer. These PHP files consisted of all the business logics used for respective modules like Save (Add/Update),Delete, Get Single Object, Get Multiple Objects for Listing and were designed to be capable of handling many more logics which were not related to the database.

The Data Access layer contained the libraries responsible for accessing data from the database and built a generic query for insert, update, delete and select depending on the business class. All business layer components were coded to use this library for data accessing process from database. Stored procedures were used only for complex retrieval of data from multiple tables and were entirely avoided with conditional syntax to ensure smooth performance of the website. The UI layer was kept free of any business logic with images, applications and data being called from their respective servers.


The end result is stunning website with a gamut of online activities successfully handling all the orders, shipping, payments amongst others. The website enabled features for customization in terms of stationary preferences for font colour etc. Extensive pre-development research was carried out to create a robust application in minimum time while dealing with extensive customizations. Web usability guidelines were strictly followed during development and the interface was made easily navigable through judicious use of AJAX, CSS and HTML controls. The site was developed and fully functional within a span of 6 months

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