Outdoor Cooking Range Retailer Selects Brainvire to Automate Business Processes

September 17, 2021 Dallas, USA

As a skilled Odoo Gold partner, Brainvire plans to design a retail IT solution inclusive of Odoo ERP for a renowned retailer that provides outdoor cooking ranges to their customers.

This retail giant offers a range of outdoor cooking solutions from fireplaces and stoves to colorful household appliances. They have served these services for over 40 years and have constantly evolved with their customer demands.

However, they encountered a hurdle in inefficient internal management where they struggled to meet order demands. Although they never disappointed their customers, they required better workflow to streamline internal management to skillfully meet different order demands.

“We understood the loopholes that acted as obstacles for the client. So, our team brainstormed different solutions, and Odoo turned out to be the most lucrative option with its advanced capabilities. Hence, our team did not hesitate to recommend the same to the retailer, and today, we are in the process of its implementation,” said Chintan Shah, CEO, Brainvire.

We comprehended what their situation was and accordingly suggested the implementation of Odoo ERP with other Odoo solutions. Therefore, we have designed a roadmap as described here:

We are implementing Odoo Accounting as it will help the retailer not only with bank synchronization and tax localization but also with gift card accounting, automated batch scheduler, and other capabilities.

Odoo for manufacturing will guide them to plan, schedule, and track materials swiftly. In addition, automated billing of material management can reduce manual tasks and improve business productivity.

While these Odoo solutions can help with different internal departments, on the other hand, Odoo ERP will act as a focal point to check all business activities. It will ease warehouse management, appliance management and assist the retailer in maintaining cordial relations with its customers.

Further, we recognized that the retailer was facing credit limit issues where customers could not take complete advantage of the credit facilities. As a result, we are in the process of making the necessary changes. In the new module, when the invoice is generated, only then the credit limit is reduced. This allows customers to replenish credit facilities to the fullest.

With all these implementations, the retailer will experience superior adeptness internally and create multiple organ growth opportunities.

To know further project growth, stay tuned with Brainvire!

About Brainvire

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