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Advanced Pharmacy Benefits Manager (PBM) Implementation for Hospices

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About Client

Based in North Carolina, the client is a well-recognized name in the clinical healthcare industry. They operate one of the largest hospices in the region. In recent years, their prime focus has shifted towards managing costs and optimizing the clinical decision-making process. Thus, they approached Brainvire to develop a revolutionary Pharmacy Benefits Manager (PBM).

About Product

The PBM is specifically designed to handle the clinical and financial challenges of hospices. The patient-centric digital platform offers extensive claims processing support and manages different types of medical therapies. Hospices can keep track of all health records in an electronic format and the data encryption is HIPAA-compliant. The solution also provides assistance in determining medication relatedness and recommends medical formulations accordingly. In a nutshell, it is a life-saver for patients and helps hospices to deliver the best customer care at the most reasonable prices.

How we did it ?


100% Accurate E-prescriptions

All errors related to doctors’ illegible handwriting were eliminated by the e-prescriptions.

Scalable Digital Platform

The solution can be scaled up in the future to accommodate massive volumes of data and additional frameworks.

Drug Management

Patients can get timely updates about dosage consumption based on a pre-defined schedule.

Seamless Tracking and Monitoring of Health Status

The platform’s advanced algorithms track and monitor the health of patients in real-time based on their medical history.

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