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Leverage your business an unmatched performance of Phalcon PHP Framework!

Phalcon is PHP based, MVC pattern oriented, open source and Full stack framework written as C-extension initially. It has become quite popular nowadays because of its superior performance to competitive frameworks.


Why should you choose Phalcon Development?

Phalcon framework provides exceptional speed to the applications since it handles more HTTP requests than other frameworks. Phalcon is equipped with MVC pattern, template engine, caching, Request object library etc. Because it’s open source, the time & money elements of licensing are automatically eliminated. Phalcon PHP web development is an easy and robust development process. Overall, the application developed in Phalcon framework is considered to be more reliable, faster, scalable, and secure.

Faster, Secure and Scalable

What are the strong benefits of selecting Phalcon Development?

Less resource consumption, higher performance

  • Myriads of Ready to use extensions

  • Quick to learn, develop & deploy

  • Large community support

Brainvire has mastered in delivering following Phalcon Development Services

– Phalcon PHP web app development
– Phalcon PHP Custom website development
– Phalcon PHP Integration Services
– Phalcon PHP based maintenance, customization, and enhancement

Why is Brainvire considered as one of the best Phalcon Development Company?

Brainvire holds a talent pool of Phalcon framework and QA (Yes, we give equal weight to QA) with years of hands on experience. Till now, Brainvire has delivered various monetizing solutions to the diversified industry sectors across the globe. Brainvire is strict compliance with NDA terms. Moreover, we offer a competitive pricing that suits the shrinking budget of enterprises. Not only that, we don’t leave the client post development, we also provide 24×7 technical support and maintenance to our valuable clients.

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