PHP Web Development – Tools That Every Developer Should Learn

While the PHP web developer is creating new milestones with each passing day, in terms of popularity and usage, it has become crucial for the developers associated with the PHP to keep improving their technological skills and expertise to survive in the rapidly changing market requirements and trends. There is no denying that PHP is a very easy language to master for anyone.

You can find hundreds of articles talking about technical expertise that every PHP developer should master in order to make a successful career in the world of PHP web development, but it is hard to find details about a few tools that every PHP developer should learn and master. With this thought in mind, today, we are going to uncover a few of the important tools that every PHP developer should master to make a successful career and survive in this fiercely competitive market.

  • Unit testing tool – No matter what you want, whether you prefer PHPUnit or SimpleTest, Unit testing has proved itself as one of the most useful tools during PHP web development. Being a professional developer, it is important that you have a thorough understanding of the concepts of the unit testing and test driven development. It is important that you know when it is a right time to use unit testing and when it is a bad time!
  • Debugger – Are you looking for alternatives for debugging? Well, there are plenty of options available for you, such as dbg, Zend_Debug, xdebug and more. All of such tools empower PHP developers with the tools that can help them break down their code and determine the issues. Debugging tools will enable developers to take the insights of your code, stop execution and examine the environment at any point. It is important that you spend time and learn using such debugging tools.
  • ERD tool - If you’re serious about your career in PHP, then it is possible that you might be dealing with the database. You can easily tackle the database structure at the initial stage, but as the database grows it would be difficult to manage it, and that’s where Entity Relationship Diagram tool comes into the picture. Moreover, you can use other tools like MySql Workbench and ERWin to simplify the way you keep your database in sync with the actual database.
  • Version Control System – When it comes to secure your code, you can find plenty of options like CVS, SVN, Git and more. Whether your server’s hard drive crash or you are unable to find changes you’ve made last night, in any scenario, keeping your code in a version control system would help you save your data on the go. You can choose any of the popular systems available in the market.
  • Framework – Frameworks have become one of the most important tools for the developers these days. Try to master yourself in any of the PHP-based frameworks.

Ensure that you learn and master all of the above discussed tools in order to make a successful career in PHP web development. Have you tried any of these? Share your views in the comments…!



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