Unique App for A Global Ed Tech Solutions Provider...

Mobile application for Saudi Arabian market in EdTech industry

Unique App for A Global Ed Tech Solutions Provider in Saudi Arabia
Unique App for A Global Ed Tech Solutions Provider in Saudi Arabia

About Project

Brainvire’s development team created a simple mobile application to ease the online search of schools available in Saudi Arabia. The app provides all necessary information of schools along with details like fees, courses, and gender proportion strength.

What we did

Unique mobile application where parents can login and see the details about school and teachers, and also completely track the progress of their children. It does have easy work flow of children onboarding, and how the details can be accessed.

Tech Stack

  • Google Map
    Google Map
  • MERN-Stack
  • NodeJS
  • Push Notification
    Push Notification
  • React Native
    React Native




Brainvire designed an app that provides a single platform for all necessary information to help students and parents find schools in Saudi Arabia.



Brainvire designed a mobile app that provides detailed information about schools in Saudi Arabia. The app is a handy solution for students and parents to view, search, and navigate schools available in the country. The integration with Google apps makes location-based searching easier.

Client Testimonials

Norah Allohaidan
They’re the highest-quality development firm I’ve ever worked with. Feedback was extremely well received and we always found a good solution together.
Norah Allohaidan
Product Manager - Tetco (Saudi)
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An educational company hired Brainvire to build their mobile app, which provides parents with information on local schools. The team delivered the UI, using React, for the iOS and Android-compatible app.

Norah Allohaidan
Product Manager, Educational Technology Company
2 years ago
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