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Accessory Geeks

Accessories Geek holds an extensive experience of twelve years when it comes to dealing with various products related to accessories like automotive, outdoors, home and kitchen appliances, sports, and office supplies amongst many others.
Platform/OS Magento, JavaScript, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3
Category Retail


1.Improved Performance: Minimized redirects and enabling compression of styles, JavaScript code, and CSS files enhanced the website performance by 35%.

2.Advanced Security: The latest security patch update along with the HTTPS URL parsing implementation protects the website form various malicious attack.

3.Increased Conversions: Introduction of website enhancing user interface elements like clear CTA, advanced search, and personalized recommendations enhanced the website conversions.

4.Increased Sales: Smart algorithm implementation allows users to search items through product keywords, SKU’s and product name, hence creating a positive impact on business sales and revenue.



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