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Café POS

The marketplace for POS system is constantly changing due to the tremendous increase in technology demands and innovations in web technology. Witnessing the current POS marketplace, a Malaysia based client approached Brainvire to develop a Café POS system that manages entire restaurant operations in a digitized manner. The main aim of the client was to streamline the entire restaurant business channel in a speedy and flexible manner by incorporating various modules like table management, order management, price, product management, creating and updating digitized menu, and lot more. The website is designed keeping global audiences in mind.
Platform/OS Magento, PHP5+, Web application, AJAX, MySQL
Category Retail


Integration of Café POS for restaurant business not only keeps a track of everything restaurant uses and sells, but also digitizes and streamlines entire restaurant operations.

Now keep a track of all the transactions and sales happening at multiple store location from one place with Café POS.

By offering easy and smooth ordering system along with various discounts and offers to loyal customers bring back happy customers in more numbers.

Simplifying restaurant operations through digital solutions help businesses to increase productivity and thereby improves ROI and sales of the business.


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