Legacy SCM Migration for American Blood Banks

.Net Core-based SCM Web application migration for American blood banks to streamline their supply chain process

Legacy SCM Migration for American Blood Banks
Legacy SCM Migration for American Blood Banks

About Project

Brainvire’s digital platform is helping the USA’s largest blood banks streamline their legacy SCM migration. Simplified collection and supplies of blood have led to advancements in transfusion medicine, transplantation, stem cells, and genomics.

What we did

Brainvire skilled Microsoft developers streamlined American Blood bank supply chain process of more than 50 connected blood centers and 230,000+ crowd blood donor and blood collection information management. From requesting blood supplies and tracking the inventory to orders data, processes seamlessly managed.

Tech Stack

  • .Net core
    .Net core
  • Amazon Dynamo DB
    Amazon Dynamo DB
  • Amazon Web Server
    Amazon Web Server
  • elasticsearch
  • Vue.js




Track inventory and order data easily and request blood supplies



Saving lives in the nick of time has become easy for all major American blood banks. They can share crucial data related to blood donation and collaborate with each other. In addition to units of pure blood, the client is also able to supply other biological products (antibodies, stem cells, enzymes, etc.) efficiently.

Client Testimonials

Sherry George
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Not only have they delivered what they said they would as per the timeline but they're easy to communicate with. The project's success allowed their team to create more versions of the solution and add more features. The project was completed according to the initial timeframe.
Sherry George
Manager - Verisicity
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Brainvire Infotech Inc provides outsourced teams to do networking, software and web development, and report writing services. Projects have included rebuilding a public website and developing a client portal.

John Ransom
IT Project Manager, Pharmacy Benefit Management Firm
3 years ago