App Encourages Families To Live Healthy Lifestyle

A hiking-bingo mobile app for individuals to enjoy an adventurous hiking trail.

App Encourages Families To Live Healthy Lifestyle
App Encourages Families To Live Healthy Lifestyle

About Project

The client is a renowned healthcare coach and motivational speaker based in the USA. They wanted to link hiking and bingo together to make the activity more interesting for individuals. Since hiking is a popular activity in the US, the client thought of Brainire’s expertise in developing a mobile app for the same.

What we did

Brainvire’s development team and Mobile app development services created an innovative picture-bingo mobile app.

Tech Stack

  • Native iOS
    Native iOS
  • Swift




Offline capability- The app features offline capability, meaning users can play even without internet availability.



The innovative hiking-bingo app provides a learning experience to individuals along with entertainment. It merges the hiking adventure with the bingo game to make the outing fun. This mobile game development does a great job of keeping individuals entertained while they hike and prevents them from getting tired and bored.

Client Testimonials

Michelle Pryor
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I would recommend Brainvire to anyone. They’re a very talented group of software engineers. They’ll tackle any challenges and take scope changes in stride. Along with their responsiveness, their team is communicative and dedicated.
Michelle Pryor
Owner - Hike bingo
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202 Reviews

They handle all their work with a personal touch, which encourages a continued long-term partnership. Their deliverable are reliable thanks to vigorous QA testing. I would recommend Brainvire to anyone.

Mike Luhtanen
Founder, Creative LLC
3 years ago