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The client provides the best online education platform across the US, UK, Canada & Australia. Keypath has partnered with 20+ university partners worldwide - including globally ranked & nationally ranked university. With 90+ degree programs and hundreds of successful online programs to offer, Keypath has made it easy for the students of 45+ countries to get access to the top faculty, challenging courses and an exceptional student experience. The client wanted to enhance their online educational platform to reach more students with a high-quality online education. Keypath wanted to make Brainvire a partner in its growth & success.
Platform/OS MEAN Stack
Category Education


The digital portfolio helps the students to showcase their achievement on the digital platform. With LMS, the online education platform is now able to manage more students in a much more efficient way. Moreover, the server management software improved the server’s security. The instructor-led course management allows the university partners to create quality courses, host webinars and manage online classes at ease.

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