Robust Magento Backend For Shisha Brand

Brainers built a powerful Magento backend to monitor all Shisha brand’s websites from a single location.

Robust Magento Backend For Shisha Brand
Robust Magento Backend For Shisha Brand

About Project

Al Fakher is the world's leading manufacturer of Shisha, with a presence in over 100 countries. They have numerous devoted Shisha lovers who promote their Shisha's quality and on-time delivery across the globe. Their global presence guarantees that customers will never experience disappointing Shisha in any country. In addition, its customer-centric and individualized approach ensures its dedication. They are in search of a powerful backend that helps them gain an edge over their competitors and easily exceed customer expectations since they have several websites across the globe.

What we did

The Magento backend that Brainers built for the Shisha company is cutting-edge and inventive, making way for the smooth operation of several B2B and B2C websites. Our Brainers provided access to a centralized control panel from which they can oversee all administrative activities. As part of our efforts to make B2C websites more accessible and efficient, we've implemented a headless architecture. The company was able to keep tabs on stock levels, orders, and shipments across three different countries thanks to a unified and powerful Magento platform.

Tech Stack

  • CSS 3
    CSS 3
  • GIT
  • HTML5
  • Jira
  • Magento - Adobe Cloud Managed Server
    Magento - Adobe Cloud Managed Server
  • MySQL
  • Plytix
  • ReactJs
  • Symfony




Integrated ExitB ERP: Brainers integrated this ERP with the system to automate the order process, inventory, and shipping.



Brainers added a bespoke Magento extension and customized Graphql to the client's website in response to their request. This integration enabled automated subscriptions and orders at specific intervals, eliminating the need for customers to place orders manually. In addition, they can place orders weekly, monthly, or annually via this subscription. The unified Magento backend enabled the brand to remain current with global expectations and efficiently meet them. The real-time data synchronization simplified order management and encouraged the brand to process orders quickly.

Client Testimonials

Patricia Walters
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They help us coordinate the right skill sets, teams, and activities in order to get the job done. They transferred our platform assets, such as our servers, workstations, and databases, into their managed cloud services environment.
Patricia Walters
Founder and CEO - Creative LLC
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They handle all their work with a personal touch, which encourages a continued long-term partnership. Their deliverable are reliable thanks to vigorous QA testing. I would recommend Brainvire to anyone.

Mike Luhtanen
Founder, Creative LLC
3 years ago
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