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Map It Realtour

Map It Realtour is a navigation app that has been developed exclusively for realtors. It helps the listing agents to navigate the assigned properties easily and save crucial data in the process. Details of any property such as images, location and other notes can be shared with the client in real time. Integration with Skobbler Maps enables smart location-based navigation, thus saving the precious time of realtors.
Platform/OS Android, iOS
Category Education


The mobile app crossed the 2 Million download mark on the App Store within a month of its launch. It gives agents the flexibility to add and modify multiple routes on the go. During navigation, the addresses will show up as colored pins on the map. Users can click pictures and take notes of any property and save them with its location. Thus, it helps to keep things organized and is useful when closing the deals with prospective buyers. Additionally, users can stay within the app and handle multiple tasks at any instant, without switching to their parent organization’s app.

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