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Micromo – Automated SugarCRM Solution

Brainvire automated Micromo’s SugarCRM system by adopting the latest DevOps practices and Jenkins architecture. Bug-free deployment on AWS server with a single click was achieved post completion of this project. It also helped the sales representatives to work with greater accuracy while closing the deals with clients. The SugarCRM system was upgraded from version 7.9.x to 9.0.x in the process.
Platform/OS Sugar CRM
Category Education


The automated solution has made CRM customization an easy task for the client. With the adoption of Jenkins architecture, the codes are compiled, tested and released automatically without any errors. Once the application has been packaged successfully, it can further be deployed on AWS servers in a single click. The client can roll out customized CRM modules and enhance the experience of its end users seamlessly.

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