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Odoo POS Solution for a Leading Food Delivery Chain

The Odoo POS solution has proved to be a game-changer for the client. With 100% automation of sales processes, the leadership team can take sales improvement decisions in real-time. The simple and user-friendly interface of Odoo POS helps in managing bundled products, loyalty points, gift cards, and much more in a hassle-free manner. Besides, the sales team can process refunds and handle other payment-related operations easily through the POS solution.
Platform/OS Web
Category eCommerce, Retail


The POS app has increased the client’s sales efficiency by nearly 40% within a span of 2 months after launch. Due to its fast processing abilities, the employees can glance at the inventory reports quickly and act accordingly. Multiple products can be sold together as a bundled product, and their attributes can be managed seamlessly. The client can also offer a diverse range of discounts to consumers, thus improving customer retention gradually.

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