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Ultramodern Vehicle Parking Application

The parking application eases down the parking woes that are taking an ugly shape in the wake of urbanization. It is a modular business model that improves the revenue of parking space providers and ensures optimal utilization of such spaces in congested cities. The solution is completely automated and powered by IoT and Bluetooth technologies. It directs users towards convenient parking spots in their vicinity through underground sensors. These spots can also be reserved well in advance and can be paid for in a cashless manner.
Platform/OS Android, iOS
Category Education


The parking application will help parking owners to improve their revenues significantly and reduce the on-road congestion in urban areas. Drivers are notified in advance about the availability of nearby parking spots and guided towards them automatically. Money is automatically deducted from the e-wallet when approaching the entry barrier and this saves the overall time of the users. This system is currently managing over 10,000 cars on a daily basis.

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