RAD.JS – The Perfect Solution for Multiplatform Apps Development

Cross platform app development seems to be a perfect answer for the firms looking to expand their presence across various mobile platforms within limitations of budget and time. Actually building individual native apps for each and every target platform right from the scratch can be a much costly affair for the firms and would demand a lot of their time. Moreover, even after making such a big investment firms cannot be assured of getting desired results at the end. There are chances for their investments turning out into ashes in case the organization’s brand promotion campaign targeted to different mobile platforms turns out to be a failure. Hence, a better solution for such a business branding requirement would be developing multiplatform apps with RAD.JS. RAD.JS development for cross platform apps can affordably, effortlessly and efficiently fulfill the needs of the business owners and start-ups who want to get profitable cross-platform apps developed for their business needs and that too within time.

With a platform like RAD.JS, it is possible to build cross platform apps that are almost similar to the native apps with equivalent capabilities and performance ratio. In RAD.JS development, there is only one project to develop or only a single code base has to be developed which can further be shared or adjusted to the other chosen platforms.

Today single page apps are the trend and RAD allows businesses to capture this trend for their profits rather easily. RAD.JS system level framework enables to develop single page cross platform apps that look very much like the conventional multiple page apps. It is possible to perform system-level tasks, such as message bus, creating and deleting certain part instances of the application, transactions between views, and more with this cross platform app development tool and hence, is stated to be a system level framework in easiest spoken terms.

Why RAD.JS is a better solution for Multiplatform Apps Development?

1. RAD.JS enables development of applications that are made up of the loosely bound modules like models, views, services, and the application object. Hence, an advantage of this is that in case if any module fails it would not be failure of entire application in whole.

2. Secondly the framework has been optimized for better compatibility and self-sufficiency. It has been optimized for various mobile browsers, PhoneGap and widely used mobile operating systems like the iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Hence, the apps developed with Rad will work efficiently on these platforms.

3. The framework supports number of plugins and hence, can be extended for better core functionality. It is possible to extend functional capabilities of the framework and more features to it for an improved development experience.

4. The modules of one project developed with RAD.JS can be reused in other projects as well thereby saving lot of time for the developers.

5. Testing of app modules can be done through various external frameworks as well.

Hence, it is definitely not wrong to say that cross platform app development with RAD.JS can be definitely benefit the organizations with time, cost and other factors for their business branding needs through mobile platform.

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