Real Word Examples that Illustrate Remarkable Business Transformations with MongoDB

It’s not much time since MongoDB released its latest version and made its NoSQL database open and easily accessible to the business analysts, data scientists, executives and other users. The open source database is a cross-platform data store that powers a large number of websites and services today. It acts as a reliable backend support for a number of reputed websites and services like Craigslist, eBay and Foursquare. MongoDB, the so-called JSON-document database has exclusive features defined for the benefit of organizations especially in regulated industries in its brand new version and hence, it is for this reasons that most of the businesses today opt for MongoDB development to support their mission-critical use cases.
Though there are number of implementations of MongoDB in the real world, here are a few of them that show the best use of the JSON based database in some of the most reputed organizations.

So, here are a few extremely successful MongoDB use cases in the real world.

MongoDB Use Case 1: Bosch Group:

Bosch Group is one of the most reputed and largest engineering companies in the world with a subdivision called Bosch Software innovations representing its innovations in IoT. Bosch SI relies in MongoDB Enterprise solution to power its IoT solutions. The company drives its ability to perform real-time complex analytics to drive autonomous decisions through the support of MongoDB.

Use Case 2: US Department of Veterans Affairs:

US Department of Veterans Affairs, one of the largest healthcare providers in the world required a reliable, centralized service to store different types of electronic records for its organization. Information management is crucial for this healthcare firm that provides doctors with accurate medical records to give veterans a clear insights into their benefits. Hence, the department has implemented MongoDB for the most reliable data storage solutions.

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Use Case 3: Washington Post:

One of the widely circulated daily newspapers in US uses MongoDB solutions to help its teams create dynamic forms and accurate responses to the online articles. The newspaper firm receives so many letters online as well as in printed format on daily basis which could be difficult to respond manually. Hence, the company opted for MEAN Stack implementation using MongoDB at its core to develop custom forms within the application, which they can then embed into articles and collect submissions from users.

Use Case 4: Mintigo:

Mintigo, the leader in marketing automation solutions, uses predictive analytics to find out the ideal customer profiles to target and then engage these prospects with right message and through right channels. The firm relies on MongoDB’s expressive query language and data processing pipelines to process massive volumes of data with outstanding variety and ingest at speed.

Use Case 5: Sprinklr:

Sprinklr is a reputed firm offering complete enterprise social technology solutions to more than 1000+ brands. The company has an in-house solution to store all the social activity of the firm and this solution depends on MongoDB. The MongoDb deployment enables the firm to accurately manage 3 million transactions in just one minute and enables the firm to roll out more than 100 features each month.

Hence, as we can see MongoDB development and solutions are greatly in demand among the enterprises with crucial data storage and access needs. MongoDB’s ability to explore new insights from modern applications using the BI tools, secure critical data for trusted access, provide high throughput and low latency across essential applications etc., make it a reliable enterprise solution worth investing in.

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