Reasons to Choose Node.js for Effective Custom Web Application Development

Node.js is no more a new name to your ears. We have been using it for our websites and apps for quite a sometime now. In fact, the field of Node JS or full stack development process is getting even more advanced each day. Its open source runtime and customizable server engine makes it the best for game development and real time web APIs. Node JS, being one of the best emerging technologies, developers and businesses have started using it for all domains; be it eCommerce or social media.

Apart from some obvious common benefits like developer contentment, high performance and efficiency as well as quick and easy modifications, there are other important reasons to choose Node.js to develop websites and web applications. Here are some of the most important benefits of suing Node.js for effective web development…

1. Quick Development:

Everyone knows that Node.js is popular for developing fast and scalable network applications quickly. However, few know reason behind it. The primary reason behind it is the use of event loop, as its presence reduces the need of more threads, no matter how many client requests they receive at the same time. So, the single threaded model is the best for web apps when you want to handle multiple client requests together. The greatest benefit of it is that, the application will use less memory. If the app will be developed quickly, the time to market will be less too which will help you get ahead of your competitors, which increases the chance of being successful.

2. Sharing Encouragement:

Packages of library code can be shared. So, if the developers get stuck anywhere and faces an issue, the node package manager helps them. So, it will be really easy to update, share and reuse the code.

3. Streams:

All of us know that Node.js is asynchronous and event driven, because of which it tackles the I/O bound tasks really well. So, streams are the UNI pipes which help to read data easily from the source and send it to the destination.

4. Data Synchronization:

Node.js lets you write the JavaScript on client side as well as server side, so it allows the transfer of data between client and server quickly.

5. Community Driven:

This is one of the most important benefits of all the above listed benefits. As it has large open source community that offers various excellent modules to add additional extra functionalities in the web applications so as to optimize them.

Apart from all the above mentioned benefits, there are other benefits too including hosting, asynchronous I/O, easy modification, low maintenance and high productivity, to name a few. Now that you are aware of some of the most important benefits of Node.js, make sure you choose it to get a website or web app developed for your business. There are a lot of companies that provide Node.js development services. However, you must research well and then hire the best company, so as to get the successful website or web application for your business.

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