Brainvire Rebrands A Music App For Children

Brainvire has drafted a reliable and fully functional music-playing application for kids in the same way that you'd expect any other commercially available music player to operate.
Brainvire Rebrands A Music App For Children

Brainvire improves the efficiency of a music application and integrates analytics for more precise data analysis.

The client’s site is a music and movement program for infants through elementary school-going kids and their parents. Their music courses for kids have been around since 1987 and have helped many kids find their musical voice.

The company has already developed an iPhone, iPad, and Android app. The music is readily available on the platform for listening whenever and wherever the end user pleases. However, they sought to replace it with a more modern system because of its archaic user interface and poor performance. The company reached out to Brainvire in an effort to improve the functionality of its product.

Children have a natural fascination with sound, particularly musical sound. Using our technical knowledge, we digitized the client’s musical platform. We made sure it met the client’s requirements in terms of UI/UX enhancements, a multilingual interface, reliable features, and a hybrid database that ensures consistency,” said Chintan Shah, the CEO of Brainvire. 

The objective of this project is to take an already existing app with two versions (iOS and Android) and two independent native code bases and merge them into a single, up-to-date codebase that can be distributed to iOS, Android, and Huawei all at once in two markets: the United States (global), and China. In addition, several connectors will be added to the existing capabilities, and the UI will be brought up to date.

We prioritized converting the app’s native code to a hybrid one. To that end, we advocate utilizing flutter to develop applications for both iOS and Android. In light of the project’s ever-evolving needs, we may quickly expand or contract its capabilities without affecting its overall viability. Moreover, we can combine several IDEs, the first for any hybrid app development framework.

We then worked to enhance the application’s user interface and user experience in order to give it a fresh new look and feel that would appeal to new users. In light of the fact that children learn best when surrounded by inanimate things, we took special care to develop a program that would hold their interest and retain it throughout their time with it, where people may read the song’s lyrics and buy electronic copies of the other Sing-Along Books.

The program also has a children’s music library, where registered users can log in to access their full song libraries and locate nearby Music Together courses.

We’ve included Car Play compatibility as a custom feature, which the user may access the app via the dashboard display. In addition, we’ll use localized technology to provide a seamless experience for end users.

Since Huawei mobiles are more prevalent in China, we have included multilingual support and will be focusing on producing Huawei apps. Therefore, the Chinese population would have no trouble installing and using software developed for the platform.

In addition, smart home integration is given, allowing users to access their favorite applications via the likes of Amazon’s Alexa, Google’s Nest, and Apple’s HomeKit. In addition, we’re providing an offline music option so that users may save their favorite tracks on their devices and listen to them even when they’re not online.

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