ReSharper – A Phenomenal Tool to Add Ease & Efficiency to ASP.NET Projects

ReSharper is an important ASP.NET productivity tool that every developer should use to add efficiency to their ASP.NET development projects. Its amazing features like code assistance, automatic code refactoring, code inspection, instant code fixing, code generation and faster navigation make the process of coding a much easier task for the developers. Coding is no longer a problem and will be carried out faster and much proficiently with the assistance of this incredible tool. Coding in platforms like C#, ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, JavaScript, CSS, XAML, XML and HTML will become much easier with ReSharper at your service.

ReSharper supports the best practices for ASP.NET web application development. Its ability to support global cross-language code refactoring, continuous code quality inspection and code formatting with clean up ensures better coding practices for the developers who can now produce efficient and cleaner codes without much efforts and time required to invest. ReSharper will find out and highlight any errors in your code instantly thereby ensuring a bug-free coding practice for the developers. It supports the unit testing tools that enable thorough testing of even minute sections of the code.

Let’s now have a glance at some of the key features of this cut-edge productivity tool that empowers a .NET developer.

Code Quality Analysis & Error Detection:

You need not compile the code to see the errors in it. ReSharper instantly highlights the errors in the code in red font or with a curly underline in the editor window at the right. As you hover your mouse over this error, you will see the description of this error displayed in the tooltip. It provides better understanding for the developer of what is the error, where is this error emerging from or reason behind the error.

Code Refactoring:

ReSharper’s code refactoring feature makes it easy to make code reformations and allows the developers to go for a safer code changing process to meet the specific requirement of the project, whether it is to enhance the legacy code or structuring the project code properly. The best feature of this tool is that it already knows how to transmit the changes across the entire code base effectively. It analyzes the entire scope of selected code (which can be the whole code base) to which refactoring is applied and then updates the code structure in the most intelligent way possible.

Code Assistance and Generation:

You do not have to write properties, methods, classes, variables, their implementations and overloads by hand. The code generation feature of ReSharper will automatically generate the corresponding element for you based on its previous usage. The tool supports various code assisting features like syntax highlighting, context actions, smart completion, complete statement, importing namespaces etc., which make coding a much easy and faster process for the .NET developer.

Navigation and Search:

With code navigation features of ReSharper it’s easier to move from anywhere to any part of the application code easily without having to waste the time in searching. During ASP.NET application development, you may want to navigate from part of the project to other. Sometimes finding a specific thing from the whole solution can be a daunting task and this is where ReSharper comes to rescue. One can instantly traverse the entire project to move on to any file, file member, symbol or any other thing in the code base. One can easily and instantly navigate across the entire solution and go to any specific symbol or navigate to its usages, implementations, file structure as desired within fraction of time.

Apart from the above, ReSharper also provides various other productivity enhancing features like unit testing, code templates, internationalization assistance and project dependency viewing. One thing is sure here that ReSharper will improve the process for ASP.NET development projects significantly and hence, is definitely a must-try tool for every developer to get on with ease in their projects.

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