Saudi Arabia’s Education Industry Gets a Makeover Through a New Learning Approach

July 12, 2021 Dallas, USA

The global education industry is undergoing a digital transformation that will undoubtedly impact how schools operate in the future. Increasingly, educators are using innovative online solutions to keep up with the need for personalized learning. Imagine using technology to promote learning, knowledge sharing, and track the progress of students.

Investing largely in technology solutions for ages, our client is a home grown Middle Eastern pioneer in education and varied industry vertical whose prime objective is to build a state-of-art solution for students, teachers, and parents.

Brainvire wanted to optimize this opportunity and set new benchmarks by providing a world-class digital teaching web solution to our client. Our experts recommended creating an end-to-end online learning management system that can accommodate various curricula such as IB, Indian, British, American, and others- A teaching and learning system that brings together parents, students, and teachers.

Chintan Shah, CEO, Brainvire, says, “The internet and interactive technologies have changed the way people consume information. The various modes of online learning are now emerging as the single most important source of education for the masses. To pick up the pace in vision for reforming education. we combined our expertise with cutting-edge technologies to improve this experience.”

This learning management solution includes advanced features for students, teachers, and parents. A personalized view for each of them will give them a complete view of the progress and other educational activities.

Teachers, for example, can schedule lectures based on different times and locations. They can also use advanced features to create an interactive learning environment. In addition, the application enables teachers to create and assign tasks to students, as well as quickly mark attendance.

Students get to experience live classes with advanced capabilities and also access lectures offline to learn concepts sincerely. Students can also participate in online discussions and voice their doubts during the lectures. Furthermore, the cutting-edge technology allows students to complete assignments and share them quickly with respective teachers and parents.

This web application provides parents with a comprehensive overview of their student's academic and extracurricular progress. They receive the most recent updates on School notices via the application and can participate in online parent-teacher meetings from almost anywhere. This application enables parents to pay school fees online.

This digital transformation has enthralled our client because it is based on advanced technologies and an uninterrupted learning experience. Regardless of the pandemic or other events, students' educational development will not be hampered, and all credit goes to this advanced digital transforming application.

Want to learn more about how this digital transformation is taking place? Contact our experts at info@brainvire.com.

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