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  • Record it when your friends get scared!


  • This game frightens you with horror faces and records your reactions. You can share this with your friends too. You can also see the recordings in which your friends got scared. The game pretends to be the game of:
    1. Dot Concentration
    2. Repetitive Numbers
    3. Calculation

  • Step 1: Turn up the highest volume, turn off vibrate, start the app and hand the device to the victim
    Step 2: Ask him/her to concentrate on white dot and suddenly horror picture will pop up. The app will be recording the reaction of victim
    Step 3: You can share the video to other friends on Facebook

  • When the victim gets scared, he/she is ignorant of the fact that their reaction is being recorded. So, you will get natural expressions, which is even more fun.
    One important thing to remember is not to show this app to kids (under 12) or to heart patients.
    Make sure you hand it over to victim in the safe place, as there are high chances they will drop your phone.

  • What are you waiting for? Quickly download the app and start scaring friends!


Scary Prank - Mobile Game App