SEO Basics – Do’s & Don’ts For Guest Blogging In 2014

Most of us, specifically those how are associated with the search engine optimization services, are aware about guest blogging. It is one of the most effective ways and SEO strategies that could help your website succeed over the internet. Guest blogging is nothing but a method of contributing content to other websites relevant to your business or site with a link to your website provided in return. So, how to make it a successful investment in the year 2014?

Most of the internet marketers and SEO professionals have already attempted guest blogging campaigns in order to increase the flow of incoming links and traffic to their website, but do you believe that guest blogging could help you improve your SEO or marketing efforts? Do you think it really helps you get desired results? Well, it can if you follow a few simple do’s and don’ts while starting your guest blogging campaigns. In this article, we’re going to cover a few simple do’s and don’ts that will help you leverage from your guest blogging on the go in the year 2014.

Do’s –
  • Ensure that all the websites you guest blog on are having a close resemblance to your website and business – In order to keep your website get backlinks from the niche-related websites and to avoid being penalized by search engines, it is important that you go guest blogging only on the relevant sites rather than posting on irrelevant sites.
  • Don’t stop posting guest blogs on the website you start guest blogging, become a regular contributor – To make your guest blogging campaign successful and to create a strong online presence, it is important that you to be seen regularly on the websites where your content is published in order to keep the potential readers engaged to your website.
  • Include long string anchor text as frequently as possible – You can find many guest blogs that are using keyword based anchor text with both exact match and partial match, which is quite dangerous as Google searches sites with exact match keyword link profile as manipulating their SERP. Therefore, avoid using exact match anchor text in order avoid your site being penalized by Google.
Don’ts –
  • Over guest blogging – Having too many links or signals coming from a wide range of websites even related to your website may ruin your search engine optimization services venture in the future. This could be a huge risk, specifically when you are managing to publish hundreds of guest blogs within a short time span, and you are utilizing exact match keyword.
  • Buy links – This is never a good idea, specifically if such paid links are passing link juice. Buying links to build links must not be the part of the guest blogging strategy as it will cause your site being penalized.
  • Author bio links – Links within the bio section have become quite manipulative as it is being used for exact match anchor text, which may harm your website in the future. Therefore, avoid making such mistakes.

Of course, guest blogging is an essential part of search engine optimization services, and even do well for many websites, but it quite important that you follow these do’s and don’ts in the coming year 2014 to make it successful investment for your website…!

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