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SEO Best Practices That Could Double Your Ecommerce Site Conversions

Categories : Article, Internet Marketing

It is very common among the online merchants to think that by simply listing thousands of products from popular brands on their ecommerce website is enough for them to drag desired traffic. Most of the online store owners believe that utilize eCommerce platform services would help them grab the attention of the targeted users and they will start selling products on the go, but that’s not the reality.

One should consider the significance of optimizing eCommerce website for search engines in order to enhance conversion rates and sales figures. However, optimizing eCommerce website for search engine is not a kid’s toy. By having lots of product pages constantly shuffling on and off the site, numerous problems arise that make SEO very difficult for e-commerce websites.

If you wish to gear the conversion rate and sales figures of your online store, there are certain things you should optimize in order to make it work for your online business. Let’s take a look at few of the SEO best practices that could help online store owners double their ecommerce website conversion rates:

Deal with the out-of-stock items

If you’ve certain products not available in stock, never delete, hide or replace them. You can leave the pages up. If specific products are sold out, you can offer relevant items instead of them in order to retain customers. Also, make sure you inform users when it will return and let them order the product while promising them to send out the product as soon as fresh stock arrives.

Manage obsolete or expired products

No matter which eCommerce platform services you’ve used, your online store will have products that will never come back. While many eCommerce websites delete such pages and take no further action, from SEO prospective it is not at all advisable. You can user “301 redirect” for the expired product URLs. On the other hand, you can also redirect to parent category or reuse URLs.

Plan out SEO for new products

Good information architecture, website structure and internal link architecture are critical to rank new product pages well in search engines Link categories from your home page, and your product pages from the category levels. It will make sure that Google search engine crawls and index your contents on the go. Also link to them from their parent category pages.

Moreover, optimize theme of your eCommerce site in order present new products on your home page.

What about the contents?

User-generated contents are the best for SEO benefits. It will help you improve conversion rates and sales. Also, unique content ranks higher and provides freshness. Integrated into your product pages, user generated content can enliven your site. Good reviews boost sales conversion. Users become part of a happy community. Prospective buyers see vibrant activity which convinces them to buy more easily.

Apart from all these, one should consider managing link building & architecture of the entire ecommerce website in order to make it compatible for the search engines. Ensure that you consider all the SEO best practices in order to gear up conversion rate of your eCommerce website. Planning to leverage from eCommerce platforms or services? Get in touch with now!

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