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A Quick Look at ALM & TFS

ALM or Application Lifecycle Management is a pre-defined process of managing an application’s development lifecycle right from understanding the needs of the customers through design or development process to the deployment of the application. Through ALM, organizations can effectively manage their processes across the entire lifespan of application development in such a way that the cycle times and wastes are considerably reduced or eliminated.

Team Foundation Server or TFS is an efficient ALM tool that is used by the organizations today to better manage their application development processes. Designed for the use of entire software engineering teams including the developers, testers, system analysts, project managers, designers and every other person involved in the application development process, TFS is a prompt collaboration platform that allows teams to work together, communicate effectively and deliver results for projects of every shape and size. It provides version control, build system, tools and metrics required for the management and organization of projects.

What Brainvire Offers?

The companies today are in the need of quality solutions that can help them achieve operational efficiency by integration of existing applications and this is what Brainvire offers. Brainvire Infotech provides the right combination of knowledge, tools, services and process guidance that can lead organizations to success. We, at Brainvire, are very well aware of the needs of the organizations for better manageable application development process and thus provide full-fledged ALM services with TFS for improved practices and ease of operations across the application development lifecycle.

Our ALM Services

We help organizations to improve the following practices in their application development lifecycle process with Visual Studio and TFS.

  • Requirement management
  • Project management
  • Change management
  • Build & Release Management
  • Test & Quality Management
  • Resource management
  • Reporting & Audit
  • Lab management

Our ALM practices will ensure that our client firms get the most out of Visual Studio TFS for adopting application lifecycle management at the core of their development business. Right from analysis of your existing application development system through Visual Studio TFS implementation to a complete end-to-end ALM realization, Brainvire can provide extensive range of ALM with TFS services to best satisfy your needs.

TFS Services for Implementation of ALM

While TFS provides the capability to bridge the application lifecycle needs enterprise-wide, Brainvire extends its core capabilities to drive application lifecycle management activities across the enterprise. At Brainvire, we have experts who can customize and personalize TFS for client needs for various application portfolios.

The following three are the default process templates provided by TFS

  • MSF for Agile Software Development 2013
  • MSF for CMMI Process Improvement 2013
  • Microsoft Visual Studio Scrum 2013

Including the significant features of above mentioned default process templates of TFS, we have created ourselves a revised version of TFS engineering process template that meets the needs of Agile, Scrum and CMMI processes in an organization.

Brainvire’s TFS Services helps organizations to practice ALM with efficient tools and strategies, while taking care of the following.

  • Track project health with custom process flow
  • Test-case and automated build management for improved productivity
  • Project analysis with dashboards, audit and reporting tools
  • Improved project management with work item tracking, roles & capacity planning

How do We Deliver Business Value through ALM TFS Services?

At Brainvire, we can provide you with prompt, in-time and reliable services for your enterprise-wide process management problems in an application or software development process and that too in a cost effective way. Our ALM TFS solutions can help you with following.

  • Align technology with your business needs to meet your core business objectives.
  • Enable software quality assurance metrics on applications and thus can help you take cost benefit decisions on maintenance and support activities.
  • Better manage the application development and delivery process.
  • Track your application development process for quality and error-free applications through dashboard and analytics tools.

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